Sports Marketing Ideas

Have you ever wanted to promote your sports team or players? With a technology driven world before us, social media platforms are one of the best ways to highlight sports. So many sports plays go viral via Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. An unknown player can become famous overnight, for a spectacular play, simply by sharing a video of it on one of these platforms with your friends and family.

If you share a video on youtube, you could jump start it and buy real youtube views to give people the perception it is popular and worth watching. The more natural viewers to the video the more shares and likes and viral effect will take place. Youtube is a powerful way to get your content out there and is a free method of promotion. To create a YouTube account, it is simple and free. You may need to verify your account because YouTube is guarding against spam or fake accounts and want to know who you are.

Once you have posted to YouTube, you should share that video on Facebook and Twitter. When posting to Facebook, you are utilizing a circle of friends and family. Most people have at least 200 people as Facebook friends, and a lot of times a lot more. To jumpstart your Facebook post you could buy Facebook post likes or post shares. When your Facebook friends and family see your post getting attention they are more likely to check your content out. If you have shared something of quality then you will start getting natural shares and likes, potentially making it go viral. One thing with Facebook is you want to make sure your post is set to public so that anyone can view it and share it. You don’t want a post that only your friends and family on your contact list can see it.

Another place to share your content is Twitter. To save time you can actually connect your Twitter account to Facebook and set it to post to Twitter every time you post and update Facebook. This way you simply make one post or share to Facebook and it automatically gets posted to your Twitter account. Once on Twitter you can buy twitter retweets and favorites. One suggestion to getting your twitter post to go viral is to add hashtags (#) to your posts. Example, “Check out this new sports clip I added (LINK to share) #basketball #spots”  That way if people are on twitter searching by hashtags, it can get seen by people who aren’t following you.

In summary, you can really utilize free social media platforms to boost your videos and content. It really has changed the game in marketing strategy and execution.