Drew Thurman (5:40 pm)

With 23 commitments in the 2009 class, the spots left are pretty limited. The remaining commits could come from multiple different people. Here are some names that are left:

Jamaal Berry: 5-11/195/4.35 - One of the must get prospects left in the class. Berry is a running back that really combines strength and speed. Even with Hyde and Hall already committed, look for the Buckeyes to go hard after Berry.

Marcus Hall: 6-6/295 - I obviously see Hall committing to the Buckeyes in the end. Unlike Newsome, Hall will have a spot waiting for him as long he wants to wait.

Chris Watt: 6-4/270 - Nothing would be better than to steal Watt from Zook and Illinois. Watt and Hall would make the 09 class incredible on the offensive line.

Corey Adams: 6-4/275 - Adams is one of the best defensive lineman in the country, but is a long shot for the Buckeyes. If they do land Adams, it would be quite a steal!

Marlon Brown: 6-5/205/4.5 - Brown is one of those wideouts you drool over. He has it all: size, speed, and play making ability. Brown is a long shot for the Buckeyes like Adams, and very well could end up somewhere down south.

EJ Banks: 6-0/175/4.5 - The relationship between Banks and the Buckeyes seems to have cooled off a bit. He is a solid prospect, and would really add to the commits the Buckeyes have picked up in the secondary. Keep his name around.

DJ Hunter: 6-0/185/4.45 - Hunter passes the look test, and has a ton of speed. The secondary seems to be the major focus in 2009, and Hunter could add to that. I am a Hunter fan, and I hope he ends up a Buckeye. 

Brandon McGee: 6-0/175/4.5 - McGee has offers from everyone in the country, and is an incredible athlete. McGee is yet another secondary recruit, and he has great size and speed. I am not real sure he will end up a Buckeye, but who knows!



06/19/2013 01:42

not real sure he will end up a Buckeye, but who knows!


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