Drew Thurman (7:07 pm)

1) Naples Daily News has a great article on the Carlos Hyde commitment. It is really incredible to read how excited Hyde is to be a Buckeye. Make sure and check it out...

2) SportsCenter is doing a special called "Titletown." Massillon, Ohio has made the list, and will get a visit from Sportscenter in July. With 22 state championships and 9 national titles, they deserve to be on the list.

3) Ivan Maisel of ESPN.com has written an article on the coaches and players that have transcended the game. Archie has made the list, Woody did not. All the coaches on the list deserve to be there, but I would have loved to seen Woody. Oh, and where was John Copper?

4) Woody did make another list though. The rivalry of Woody and Bo did get picked as the Face of College Football in the 1970's. I wonder why the rivalry between Tressel and Carr didn't make the 2000's. Sorry Lloyd!

5) John Groce is the new coach for Ohio University. He has been a big part of the basketball recruitment for the Buckeyes, and he will be missed.  My father is very close with his family, and we hate to see him leave. We do wish him the best though!



06/26/2008 16:54

I love the Hyde article. With the skills he has and the passion he now has for OSU football could be a scary combination. I cannot wait to see him in scarlet and grey.

06/27/2008 07:36

Haha. Copper was barely not on the list. His excellent record against Michigan almost helped him get on the list!


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