Drew Thurman (2:56 pm)

These days it seems Michigan football is more famous for its off field drama rather than the upcoming season. While most programs would be jumping for joy about a new coach, Michigan fans have instead had to fight off bad press. Hit up ESPN on almost any week, and you will see a whole host of stories about what is going on with "the school up north!" For instance today, you can see the story of Rich Rodriguez's buyout agreement without West Virginia, and just how stupid Michigan really is to help out. Or you can read a thrilling article on how Kevin Grady is pleading not-guilty to charges of drunk driving. These are not great days in Ann Arbor, and I am sure they are ready to get the season started. I am not saying the Buckeyes have not had there fair share of bad press, but I am saying I am glad to be a Buckeye fan these days.

In other news:

1) Devoe Torrence was acquitted of the underage sex charges. I feel terrible for Devoe, and I really hope he gets back on his feet. Many Buckeye fans are crying for the Buckeyes to take him back, but I think they need to move on. I do wish him the best though!

2) College Football Live is debuting on July 21st at 3:30 pm, and Jim Tressel will be one of the many guest to appear. Football season is slowly approaching!



07/11/2008 06:11

I agree man. I am sick of seeing Michigan in the news, and I am already sick of Rich Rodriguez!


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