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Are you kidding me? When I found this website I could not believe it! I totally believe in expressing opinion, but this is a disgrace to all Buckeye fans. I am as frustrated as the next guy about the USC game, but it is important to put things into perspective. We are not talking about some middle of the road coach, we are talking about a guy that has brought a National Championship to Buckeye nation while dominating the Big Ten! Are we going to fire a coach every time we go through a little difficulty?

Thanks to the Ozone.net, firejimtressel.com is an unavailable URL to visit. The same outcome needs to come of this website! Jim Tressel put Ohio State back on the map after some real rough times at the end of the John Copper era. Sure things have not gone the way any of us have planned the last few seasons, but Tressel leaving would put us in an even greater hole. Seriously guys, this website is ridiculous!

Please check this website out, and let the creator know what you think...

Email: roodle72@firecoachtressel.com



09/17/2008 08:43

That website looks bad, and is a disgrace!

09/18/2008 13:28

Dude, your an idiot!

09/15/2009 11:39

I haven't seen the website, but I second the sentiment. I have been patient, oh so patient the last several years. But this was the straw. I can't do it anymore. things are not changing. Tressel is not evolving. he is actually regressing. Before it gets real ugly, he should go. he will be dominated by RichRod. I predict it will start this year. And it will be just like Lloyd Carr. Owned Cooper until Tressel showed up and then he got owned. this is the same. RichRod is a better coach and will begin to prove it starting this year. I am sad to say this. But it is how I see it. I have had enough of Stressel ball. This university will continue to get the best recruits. I know the next guy will continue the winning tradition. Let's get started on that right now. Tressels free pass after the NC has expired. This is embarrassing. If you need someone else who is disinterested to tell it to you, then read this article on rivals.


jimmy J
09/16/2009 19:29

the time has come cause jimmyball has become dinosaurball


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