"So here's my lifelong wish
My Ohio State Christmas list
Not for myself, but for a Buckeye Nation in need"

Wish #1 - Hartline, Bauserman, and Washington to stay next season:

The 2009 Buckeyes will have a much different look, and the more experience that can return the better. These three would help with leadership, depth, and overall talent. 

Wish #2 - Heisman for Pryor in '09:

Some of you may be scared of the "Heisman curse," but if Pryor can bring in the Heisman it probably means the Buckeyes are in the national championship hunt.

Wish #3 - Boyd, Brown, and Hall to commit:

Tressel has a very good class coming in for '09, but these three young men would make it a great class. Boyd gives the Buckeyes a future star quarterback, Brown could be a starter from day one, and Hall allows the offensive line to become even more talented.

Wish #4 - New offensive coordinator:

We are not trying to be the grinch to Jim Bollman right before Christmas, but his results don't lie. For Christmas we want Tressel to bring someone in to call the plays and to help coach the offensive line better!

Wish #5 - A totally healthy season for Andre Amos and Lawerence Wilson:

Amos and Wilson have had some of the worst luck when it comes to health. No one is sure how good these two can totally be, but a healthy season in 2009 would sure help with depth.

Wish #6 - As much success for "Dick Rod" in the new year, as he had in 2008:

The 3-9 season the Wolverines put together in 2008 sure put a smile on a lot of Buckeye fans faces, especially the 42-7 blow out on November 22nd. Another season like that in 2009 would not disappoint us!

Wish #7 - Mark May to get permanent laryngitis:

Enough said.

Wish #8 - One point for the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl, for every inch of "Cheeseburger" Charlie's waistline:

With our defense, 50 plus points is enough to beat anyone in the country, including Texas, and we are sure we are underestimating Weis' waist!

Wish #9 - (Drum roll please!) A little national respect:

Santa, we are sick of the Buckeye beatdown coming from ESPiN.

Any other wishes? Merry Christmas!



12/24/2008 06:25

Like I tell my kids every year, dream on! Haha! It's a nice list and I really liked the Weis one.

03/08/2012 22:46

It really has a different feeling of happiness when you wish not for your self but for the welfare of the others. Continue such good deed.


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