Drew Thurman (8:57 pm)

Things have started to look better for a Marcus Hall commitment to the Buckeyes in the last week. Bucknuts reported that Marcus Hall was down to two schools in Ohio State and Miami (Fl), just a week after saying that Michigan was the leader. I along with everyone else thought Hall had come to his senses, and was planning on being a Buckeye. On the same day as the Bucknuts report though, GoVolsXtra.com got an interview with Tennessee's new committment Mike Edwards, the Glenville teammate of Hall. Edwards had a lot to say about Hall in the article, and there were some alarming words in his prediction of what Hall would do. This is what the piece said:

"Edwards now plans to help UT take advantage of the strong recruiting base at Glenville.

Edwards said he will try to sway his teammate, offensive lineman Marcus Hall, to UT.

Hall, who’s also considering Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois and Miami, plans to visit UT next weekend.

'I’m going to try to get him to be a Volunteer,' Edwards said.

Many believe Ohio State to be the team to beat for Hall’s services. Edwards doesn’t see it that way.

'A lot of people think that but I think Marcus is going to shock a lot of people,' Edwards said.

Take Edwards words for what they are worth, but Hall might have a surprise still up his sleeve. The Buckeye faithful may still think he is ours to lose, but you have to wonder if we have another Cordale Scott on our hands!



01/27/2009 08:39

Hall will be a Buckeye... I have zero concerns about that and many true insiders feel the same way. Mike is just heated that he never got a Buckeye offer and wants to stir the pot.

01/27/2009 09:10

I agree. I think Marcus has probably come away impressed with a few of his visits, and Edwards is reacting based off of that. In the end I think he will be a Buckeye, it's too good of a situation to pass up.


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