Drew Thurman (5:05 pm)

Quarterback Tajh Boyd is headed to Clemson. I wish Tajh the best, even though I know he passed up on the best opportunity he has available.



01/27/2009 20:37

I saw a quote were he said he thought he could come in and unseat Pryor as the starter cause Pryor couldn't throw the ball well. I think he changed his mind since that quote.

01/27/2009 21:37

Would have loved to had him, but we cannot win them all. I still don't feel Clemson was the best fit for him, but you never know! Let's hope Hall doesn't do the same thing to us!

01/27/2009 21:41

Interesting Steve, I didn't see that quote. I really do feel we could have used a two quarterback set at times (and we still can), and have Pryor at wideout in the Fiesta Bowl. With that said, Pryor will always be the starter while he is at OSU.


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