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National Signing Day is just one week away, and the Buckeyes are looking to finish off what has been another successful campaign in the class of 2009. There are still some guys out there that the staff want to cap of the class, but let's first look at what the Buckeyes have already brought in by position.

QB: none thus far

Jamaal Berry: 5-11 195 (4*)
Jordan Hall: 5-9 185 (3*)
Carlos Hyde: 6-1 225 (4*)

FB:  Adam Homan: 6-2 230 (3*)

Corey Brown: 6-2 180 (4*)
Duron Carter: 6-3 180 (4*)
Chris Fields: 6-1 180 (3*)
James Jackson: 5-11 170 (4*)

TE: Reid Fragel: 6-8 255 (4*)

Corey Linsley: 6-4 275 (4*)
Sam Longo: 6-5 260 (3*)
Jack Mewhort: 6-6 283 (4*)

Adam Bellamy: 6-4 270 (3*)
Melvin Fellows: 6-5 255 (5*)
John Simon: 6-3 265 (5*)

Dorian Bell: 6-2 200 (5*)
Zach Boren: 6-1 240 (3*)
Storm Klein: 6-2 225 (4*)
Jonathan Newsome: 6-3 230 (4*)
Jordan Whiting: 6-1 230 (3*)

CJ Barnett: 6-1 175 (4*)
Dominic Clarke: 5-11 180 (4*)
Justin Green: 5-10 175 (4*)
Jamie Wood: 6-2 185 (4*)

Total: 24 Commitments (Rankings from Scout)

Who's Left?

QB - Austin Boucher (Pictured Above): Boucher just got his offer after Tajh Boyd decided he fit better in Clemson. There has been lots of criticism of Tressel and the staff for offering Boucher, but I do not agree with the opinions that he is not a Big Ten quality quarterback. Boucher is a proven winner that has quality intangibles, and the Buckeyes desperately need another scholarship quarterback on the roster. I will have a lot more to say about that in the coming days, but just know that I am in support of him receiving a scholarship.

Update (5:58 pm)

Boucher has elected to stay with his Miami (OH) commitment. I am sure no one can blame him, and I wish him the best!

OL - Marcus Hall: If you can figure out where Hall is going at this point, you can probably make some serious money (totally joking). It seems at this point that Hall has no clue where he wants to go with parties from Miami (Fl), Ohio State, and Michigan all feeling he could come their way. The Buckeyes really could use Hall to help the depth on the OL, and besides that, no one wants to lose a prospect from their backyard. 

WR - Marlon Brown: Brown's name still gets brought up a lot on the Ohio State boards, but I have to say that I personally have not believed he was coming our way for a long time. There have been too many visits between his Ohio State visit and now, and on top of that the Buckeyes are fighting a whole host of SEC schools. So, I throw his name in, but don't hold your breath Buckeye fans!



01/28/2009 15:07

Boucher is staying with Miami according to Dispatch reports tonight. That recruitment was quicker than a Noopy Carter basketball career.

01/28/2009 15:14

ya i know. i guess that picture will be in his honor! it was a short relationship!


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