Drew Thurman (8:02 pm)

The NFL Combine was in Indianapolis this weekend, and many of the former Buckeye players made a statement. I know many of you have been looking for information and results from this weekend, so here are some links:

1) The NFL Network has a video of the top performers from Sunday. First on the list was Brian Robiskie, who showed off a nice 40 time and some serious hands. He looks to be in great form on the video, and it is a pretty interesting thing to check out!

2) Also NFL.com officially has the results of the top performers at each position in every drill. Beanie of course makes the list for running backs in several of the drills, including his 4.59 forty yard dash. Also when scrolling through the list of drills you will see some other Buckeyes including Robiskie, Hartline, and Boone. Hartline was especially impressive posting top times for the wide receivers in the 3 Cone Drill, 20 Yard Shuffle, and the 60 Yard Shuffle. 

3) Finally I will just direct you over to NFL.com's photos from the combines. I personally always like getting an actual visual of what things look like, and these give you a look at several Buckeyes in the combine process. It's worth a few minutes to scroll through them.



02/22/2009 18:15

Robo looks like the man in that video. I am glad to see him raising some eyebrows!

02/22/2009 18:52

Pumas? Whats wrong with Beanie...he needs to be in some Nike's or something...this is not soccer!

02/22/2009 18:58

Nice Chris...I didn't notice that. I guess he is trying to pull a Usain Bolt...but at 4.59...I don't think it happened!

Beanie Wells
02/22/2009 21:41

I am Usian Bolt. Except I stiff arm the competition instead of running by them!


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