Drew Thurman (9:19 pm)

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday night, even though tonight's Elite 8 games left something to be desired. If nothing else, tonight did at least produce one of the funniest commercials out there featuring none other than Bob Knight himself. Hope it puts a smile on your face...



03/29/2009 19:18

Pretty funny. They must make a lot of cash on that game to pay as much for the talent in their commercials as they have.

joe alston
03/30/2009 06:46

haha...bob knight has old man skinny legs.

07/02/2013 00:13

The new commercial starring Bob Knight is interesting and funny. The comic script suits his style of acting. Thanks for sharing this commercial with us and keep posting more updates in your blog. We would like to hear more from you.


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