Drew Thurman (11:49 pm)

Terrelle's new tattoo is the hot topic on quite a few boards. You got to love his passion for the Buckeyes, and how he he bleeds scarlet and gray!



Sean P
04/29/2009 21:08

He is also rockin the flannel!

Dan Isaacs
04/29/2009 22:21

Clearly John Simon is having a huge impact on this team. At least in terms of fashion.

04/30/2009 05:13

I like his Nike Golf hat. With his athleticism, maybe he is the next Tiger Woods too!

04/30/2009 06:54

Nice. haha. I can see Terrelle in some future Pro-Ams right now.

Ranger buckeye
12/26/2009 15:50

Sometimes you have to think if this is an ohio state guy, for instance Tressell has the look and carries himself like a buckeye. Prior is a Crip throwing up a gang sign that means "blood killer" is this what we want to project as our spear head of our team? I do not think so, I have been a buckeye since I was little but I will not pull for a team that will lower their standard and integrity to win. Good luck bucks see u when prior is gone.

09/26/2010 20:11

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feel so..
10/21/2010 02:25

" ranger buckeye" pryor is not a crip and he's not throwing up blood killer! the signs they are throwing up is of the blood gang. Not saying their bloods but those are the signs. and how does the other carry himself any different lol


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