Dave and Drew Thurman (11:59 pm)

The Gray Squad ran away with the Spring Game 23-3, despite all predictions otherwise. There were a lot of guys that looked good and bad in the process, and below are a handpicked few of those. Hit us up with your opinions on who your winners and losers were!


Terrelle Pryor - This list has to start with Pryor, who took a huge step forward on Saturday. He only played in the first half, which was all he needed, going 13 of 18 for 191 yards and two touchdowns. We have to admit that we didn't think Pryor would look as proficient as he did throwing the ball, and in fact stood in the pocket just as much with the black jersey off. There was an ease and patience about his entire performance, even behind a patchwork line, which has to make everyone smile. 

Taurian Washington - Washington was one of winners on our blog last season, and he obviously didn't contribute at all when the season rolled around. It would be easy to look at his 94 yard with a touchdown day and assume the worse again, but he is a different player. Last year Washington scored twice on long bombs that were thrown up with a chance for anyone to come down with the ball. This year though, Washington looked sharp running routes and displayed great hands. He caught a couple of tough balls across the middle before reeling in a 44 yard touchdown pass. Washington was definitely a winner today, and should get some serious playing time this season, at least when the Buckeyes are in the spread.

Brandon Saine - Is there anyone that has made a bigger 180 than Saine? Last year, even in the Spring Game, Saine was dancing in the backfield while getting a yard or two per carry. Saturday though, Saine looked quick, confident, and hit the hole showing the spark he had as a freshman. Maybe he was a little more banged up than anyone knew! Anyways, his emergence is huge for the Buckeyes. He along with Boom, Carlos, and Jamaal will help make the backfield look pretty special. Let the "stable" begin!

Tyler Moeller - Moeller picked up where he left off in the Illinois game last season with a nice performance on Saturday. He led the Scarlet team with 8 tackles, two of which were for loss. His named seemed to be getting called all afternoon long, and was always around the ball. He abused the tight ends on multiple occasions when they tried to block him, and you got to love his pursuit of the quarterback. Big things could be in store for Moeller. 

Brian Rolle - As equally as impressive as Moeller on the other side ball was Rolle. He racked up 11 tackles including a sack, and was probably the most impressive linebacker on the field Saturday (Sabino looked good too with 9 tackles). Rolle gets knocked on at times due to his size, but the Buckeyes need him starting on the outside this season. With his speed and hitting ability, this team will take a step forward. 

Aaron Pettrey - There is no way we could do a recap on any Tressel team without throwing in at least one special teams player. Pettrey did a little bit of everything on Saturday. He was 3 for 3 on field goals, recovered his own onside kick, and even threw in a squib kick just to show off his skills. We thought Pettrey was the better kicker last year, and it nice to finally get his time to shine. He was a definite winner on Saturday!


Joe Bauserman - We aren't trying to pick on Bauserman, but it was obviously a rough day for him. He started off the game with a fumble, later he looked sporadic at best, and then threw an awful interception in the endzone. Reports out of spring practice have been positive so this was probably just a rough outing, but he came away a loser Saturday.

Tight Ends - Well, reports have been telling everyone that the Buckeyes were going to be throwing to the tight ends a lot more this season, but Nic DiLillo brought in the only reception for a whopping six yards (Some things will never change!). For the most part that isn't there fault though, just the offensive staff's brilliant game planning. What really put them in this category was the trouble they had blocking. Some of this was probably a byproduct of the patchwork offensive lines, but we watched all the tight ends get burned today on multiple occasions.  

Lamaar Thomas - Thomas had a rough day in the return department, and had a botched punt and kick return. Tressel cannot stand poor special teams, and we are sure that this will be an area where he will want to improve on. Thomas obviously is going to be a good one, but at this point returning is his primary objective and he struggled Saturday.

Left Tackle - Both Mike Adams and Andy Miller left a little to be desired Saturday at the Spring Game. Neither one looked awful, but there is a lot of work yet to be done. Left tackle is incredibly important (Pryor's backside), and the Buckeyes need someone to step in that role. If nothing else, maybe Shugarts will shake some stuff up when he comes back!

Other Notes:

* Ohio State's lacrosse team got beat by Notre Dame 14-8 in the "Showdown in the Shoe" just prior to the Spring Game. Buckeye fans were bitter too; we just hate Notre Dame regardless of the sport.

* 95,722 were in attendance at the Spring Game, which set a national spring game record.

* Linebacker Scott McVey committed to the Buckeyes prior to the game.

* The first two rounds of the NFL Draft were today with Malcolm Jenkins going 14th to Saints, Beanie Wells going 31st to the Cardinals, James Laurinaitis going 35th (second round) to the Rams, and Brian Robiskie going 36th (second round) to the Browns.



Matt D
04/26/2009 07:14

Walk on winner = Marcus Williams!

Sean P
04/26/2009 09:35

I thought the corners were losers. They didn't look sharp, especially against the run.

04/26/2009 13:20

Sean, you are right on man. The corners didn't have the kind of game that many of us would have liked to have seen.

They really are the biggest question mark on the defense, everything else is solid. If they can get a little more physical and not get burned, our defense could be very special. Who it is that does that is the biggest question left.

04/26/2009 16:46

DT's were unimpressive considering their were walk-on playing. I was disappointed!


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