Drew Thurman (11:58 pm)

1) Open practices are sweet, and getting the updates are even sweeter. Ken Gordon of the Dispatch has a report from Tuesday's practice, and there are some interesting notes. One note was that Devon Torrence (pictured) was running with the first team at corner. Word on the street is if he passes on baseball this summer, he could very well pass Amos for the starting job. He has all the athleticism, and is even more physical.

2) Doug Worthington finally got his sentence on the DUI charges from almost a year ago. Pretty standard stuff, but I am sure he is glad it is all over with.

3) Adam Rittenberg of ESPN has a nice article on Pryor. It takes a big look into how Pryor is going to step up and be a leader on this team, and how Tressel is in fact wanting him to do so. The chemistry on the team sounds solid and Pryor speaks out on how hungry he is to be better. Get ready for TP to take it to the next level!

4) Oh by the way, Percy Harvin tested positive for marijuana!



04/22/2009 06:51

These kids have it too easy. All that talent and success, smoking weed can't possible hurt them. Then they find out the truth.

04/22/2009 07:41

For sure. I would like to talk trash about Florida when this news came out, but the Buckeyes have had their fair share of problems in this area too.


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