Family Feud is a feature where Dave and Drew throw their opinions in on various Buckeye football subjects, which most of the time are quite opposite. This edition takes a look at the recruiting situation, Terrelle Pryor, and Twitter. Enjoy...

1) What do you think about the slow start in the 2010 recruiting class? Is there anything to read into?

Dave: I definitely think the Buckeyes are not going to have as strong of a class as the last few years, which is due in part to the lack of scholarships available. It also doesn't seem as if they are in on as many out-of-state players as in the past, but I still think they will have a good class, not a great one.

Drew: I have been majorly disappointed with how this class has been shaping up, but over the last week or so I am starting to sense a spark. I didn't feel as if the staff was as urgent as in years past (early on), but lately it seems as if a new prospect is interested everyday, which shows how hard the staff is hitting the recruiting trail. Obviously this class is not going to be quite as stellar as the last two, but I think that is because there will be less skill players taken.   

2) Andrew Hendrix just received a scholarship offer from the staff, and he appears to be the prime candidate to be the quarterback commit in this class. Your thoughts on Hendrix and the offer?

Dave: I was pleased that they offered him, because I have always felt that Montana was an extreme longshot to come to OSU. I think the staff feels good about getting Miller next year, but Hendrix is a solid player and I think he would be a nice pick up for the Buckeyes.

Drew: Hendrix to me is a quality prospect. He has a very solid arm, pretty decent wheels, and he knows how to win. I think this offer solidifies that Tressel wants to bring in more of a pro-style quarterback in this class, and I think he likes having both mobile and pro-style quarterbacks on the roster. Braxton Miller will obviously bring the mobile aspect if he comes in the 2011 class.  

3) Any guesses on who the next Buckeye commitment will be?

Dave: I will say Darryl Baldwin, but I honestly don't know of anyone who is ready to pull the trigger.

Drew: I think this is anyone's guess considering that the Buckeyes summer camp throws new names into the mix. Of the guys that are showing the most current interest, my guess is that Roderick Smith will be the first guy to jump on board.      

4) There has been a lot of mixed emotions on Andy Staples article (SI.com) on Terrelle Pryor. Can Pryor live up to that hype this season? Can Pryor live up to that hype over his career?

Dave: Terrelle Pryor definitely has the talent to be one of the best of all time. He also seems to have a tremendous work ethic. However, I see a couple of potential problems. One, the fact that OSU is not known for having the most creative offensive play calling. And two, the offensive line has not given the kind of protection needed the last few years. If those questions get answered, Pryor might be an all-time great.

Drew: I am obviously biased, but yes I think Pryor has that ability. Remaining healthy is important, and he also needs the wideouts to step up big. Just like with Troy Smith, the play calling is going to open up, but I do worry about the wideouts. Guys like Holmes, Ginn, and Gonzalez made Smith a superstar, and the current wideouts need to step up to help Pryor in the same way.  

5) Tyler Moeller made the front of the college football page on ESPN.com as a player who is going to help the Buckeyes in 2009. So, with the all the buzz about Sabino and Rolle, is it Moeller that will actually step into the spotlight for the Buckeyes at linebacker?

Dave: It just might be that Moeller is the secret weapon in 09. The kid is not an overally impressive physical speciman, but he just seems to make plays. Because he can blitz the quarterback or fall back into pass coverage, you can afford to keep him on the field in almost any set. However, the Buckeyes are flat loaded at linebacker.

Drew: Moeller will be a name you hear called a lot this season. The young man is constantly around the football, and Tressel always finds playing time for players of this breed. With that said, I think Rolle is the guy to watch this year. Unlike Moeller, Rolle has the speed and hitting ability to be special. I am not taking anything away from Moeller though, and I think he has a solid year.   

6) What do you think of the Twitter revolution and college coaches? Should Tressel jump on board?

Dave: As the old man in this tandem, I am not all that taken by Twitter. I could care less if Pete Carroll is taking a crap. With that being said, recruits are no doubt part of the Twitter revolution, and a coaching staff has to stay current. So Tressel probably should be ready to jump on board.

Drew: I like Twitter, and I have it myself. With that said, there are a few college coaches that truly annoy me with their attempt to be witty with it. I don't think Tressel would be so careless or stupid with Twitter though, so I think he should join. On top of that, people like to hear what he has to say.



05/27/2009 11:32

Hendrix has game, look at his offers and you can see that. I am glad the staff finally got out of Montana's butt and used some common sense.

05/27/2009 12:00

I agree Stan. The Hendrix offer was much needed.

In other news...it looks like William Gholston is a Spartan...


05/28/2009 16:07

Gholston should have followed his cousin's footsteps. Who wouldn't want to do that?


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