Drew Thurman (10:04 pm)

1) Defensive back Lamarcus Joyner (pictured) is still being reported as having heavy interest in the Buckeyes. The Plain Dealer picked up a story yesterday by the Miami Herald that Joyner will be in attendance at the USC game on September 12th. Even more interesting was this quote:

"With Joyner on campus, a win by the Buckeyes in September could sway things their way."

2) Moeller quarterback Andrew Hendrix now has a Buckeye offer. This is interesting because it may indicate that Nick Montana's interest is fading (which I have suspected for sometime). This is also caught my attention because several names have been thrown out as the back up plan for Montana, but it is indeed Hendrix that has gotten the offer.

3) Finally, tight end Alex Welch (Elder HS) has committed to Notre Dame. I am sure this is a major shocker to all of you that understand the recruiting situation in Cincinnati, and the love for Notre Dame. Anyways, the importance of this story goes far beyond Ohio State's interest in Welch. This commitment may indeed elimate the Irish from C.J. Fiedorowicz's list, making Iowa the biggest competition left for his services. I really like Fiedorowicz, and I would love to see him in scarlet and gray!



05/26/2009 07:52

Please come Lamarcus Joyner!!!

05/26/2009 19:49

Alex Welch had ND written on his forehead since birth!

05/27/2009 11:33

I am with Drew, who cares about Welch. Fiedorowicz is the big fish we want to reel in!


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