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Drew Thurman (11:04 am)

I am finally back from my travels to Arizona and California, and am ready to jump back into the world of blogging for the Buckeyes. Thanks for sticking with us through the transition. Anyways, to some news:

1) Saturday night saw the Ohio squad capture a 38-31 victory over the team from Penn's Woods in the Big 33 Game. Seven future Buckeyes played in the game, and of them Jonthan Newsome drew some of the best reviews. The man that stole the show for Team Ohio was Austin Boucher, and as Adam Rittenberg says, has many Buckeye fans wondering what could have been.

2) In the recruiting world, tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz has put the Illini at the top of his list according to IlliniHQ.com. Even worse, the Buckeyes don't even find themselves in his top three. Once again, the lack of tight end love in Tressel's system has scared another top recruit away. Very frustrating...

3) Another running back in the 2010 class is dreaming of playing for the Buckeyes. Robert Marshall from Mesquite, Texas came up for camp, and made it clear that the Buckeyes are a frontrunner for his services. He lacks an offer though, and will likely be a backup plan for Roderick Smith and Spencer Ware.

4) The recap of the Block O Table is now up on Our Honor Defend. This takes a ton of work for Vico and is always well written, so please go check it out...



06/22/2009 10:45

Welcome back Drew...

The Fiedorowicz thing just adds to my anger with this class. I am sick of sitting here watching recruits head everywhere else. The staff better get this together!

06/22/2009 16:38

I don't feel bad about losing Fiedorowicz or Gholston. Mich. St. needs some good athletes to beat TSUN and help win some bowl games. Same for Iowa, they need some good athletes to help win bowl games and non-conference games. Who ever we sign in place of those two (I have already forgot their names) will be thankful for the BIG TEN Championship rings and BCS bowl experience. GO BUCKS!!!!


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