By the way, there was a third RB recruit in 09! // Photo via theozone.net
Drew Thurman (12:48 pm)

The running back situation for Ohio State has been well documented over the last few months, and there is a lot to be excited about. Even though the Buckeyes lost Beanie, who carried the team at times, there are a whole host of names that could contribute. Boom Herron proved he was a serious runner as Beanie's apprentice last season, Brandon Saine is finally healed and is starting to become a baller, Jermil Martin is making the shift to become a short yardage option, and star recruit Jamaal Berry has the tools to become a playing making machine.
There is one name I forgetting though, as have most Buckeyes fans. As Lee Corso would say, "not so fast my friend." That name will appear on the back of the No. 29 jersey this season, and will belong to freshman Jordan Hall.

Many fans have written off Hall, mainly because he has been overshadowed by Berry and Hyde, who both also came in with the 2009 class. Both have had their issues though, and Hyde is still fighting just to get enrolled for the second semester. Hall's size has also been something that many have questioned, but at 5-10 190 pounds he mirrors the size of starter Boom Herron. So do we any other reasons to doubt Hall?   
Recent Buckeye history would suggest that overshadowed Buckeye runners may have the greatest potential. It was Erik Haw who got all the hype in the 2004 class, but it was instead Akron product Antonio Pittman who became the star. Then in the 2007 class it was Brandon Saine who Buckeye fans drooled about, but so far Boom Herron has come from the shadows to become a big time runner. Hall very well could be the next in this line. Not that Hyde or Berry won't become big time running backs, but overlooking Hall could be a huge mistake.  

All reports from practice are that Jordan Hall has impressed those who previously doubted him. His quick feet and illusive moves have turned some heads. Let's not forget that Hall was in fact Pryor's teammate and friend in high school, and there will no doubt be some chemistry on the field between the two. 

I am not saying that Hall will not redshirt, as did Herron his freshman year, but I am saying remember No. 29. Playmakers with speed find their way on the field, and Hall has the speed and moves to become a star. Especially with Pryor at quarterback; having someone that can take one to the house in the backfield alongside him is going to strike fear in opposing defenses. How fun would it be to see Jeannette teammates running the option and slashing Big Ten opponents!   


08/20/2009 15:27

I keep hearing great things about Hall. Exciting stuff, he was a great steal from Pennsylvania!

08/21/2009 12:37

Hyde, Berry, and Hall will all have much different stories and careers at tOSU. It will be interesting see how each plays out.

08/22/2009 13:04

Hall had 4 carries for 36 yards in the jersey scrimmage today. Very impressive stuff!


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