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About a month back we interviewed the guys from WeWantTheLion.net about some of things going on over in Happy Valley. So they decided to return the favor as they previewed what Ohio State will look like this season. So head over to check out what I had to say, and also the predictions they give our Buckeye squad!

Link: http://wewantthelion.net/2009-articles/august-2009/2009-big11ten-preview-ohio-state.html


08/27/2009 18:32

You know what's funny is I have absolutely no doubt Pryor gets redemption this year in a big way in Happy Valley. I see this game as the one where a veteran Pryor arrives. I am honestly more afraid of Illinois at home. I think we squeak by Illinois - by the slimmest of margins. I LOVE my Buckeyes, and try to believe in them, but I think Carroll is putting Barkley in to make a mockery of OSU when they beat us at home. Offense sputters the entire season again, brilliant at times like last year, horrible at times like last year. Defense literally wins us all of our games, again. Nothing will change. We still manage 11-1, and a chance at redemption in Pasadena.

08/28/2009 04:56

Maybe it's just because I don't frequent that PSU blog, but I was surprised at how much the complained about the media this, the media that.

I can understand sour grapes about not getting Pryor. But to cry about the media because they aren't getting as much love is silly. PSU hasn't been as consistently good this decade. They're a good team, a consistent top-15 tea (top-10 recently) but haven't been top-5. But that's the media's fault.

08/28/2009 05:12

In our defense, we didn't really say anything about Penn State not getting media love. I'm not sure where you read that. (In fact we mention the media exactly twice in the whole preview.) Our complaint is that the media is basically handing Pryor all these accolades before anyone knows how much he really improved. We understand this is how it works in preseason college football, but that doesn't mean we think it's right. Let's wait and see how it plays out on the field, that was our point.

08/28/2009 07:08

A fair complaint - I don't understand how it wasn't Clark, Benn, Williams, or Royster as OPOY in the preseason stuff either. Then again, preseason awards mean nothing.

But I think you're overblowing things a bit - it's clear that Tim Tebow will have the greatest season, enabling him to conclude the greatest collegiate career of any player, ever. I'm pretty sure ESPN is ready to attach a cable from the rafters and pull him up out of the stadium in a Messianic pose after every game.

08/28/2009 07:53

Well of course we're overblowing it a little- we're a Penn State blog talking about Ohio State! That's like a commandment to us.

Speaking of commandments, I agree with you fully about Tebow. Aside from being the greatest collegiate player ever, he also is apparently the only one who's ever done something charitable in his free time.

08/28/2009 10:18

i hate crying and arguing over preseason stuff. who cares, we all know the only reason they are there is for more media hype and press.

05/15/2013 13:37

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