It's about time that someone from the national media pointed out the major double standard going on with Ohio State and Oklahoma. Maybe the Buckeyes are facing more criticism because of the state of the Big Ten, but it is ridiculous that no one is pointing to the big game losses of Stoops and company. Thanks to Adam Rittenberg of ESPN though, some truth has finally been spoken...

Link: OSU hate, OU love creates double standard


09/22/2009 07:26

"Another big-name has been just as disappointing in big games, if not worse. And yet that team continues to escape the hate. Meet the Oklahoma Sooners. They're apparently made out of Teflon."

Great quote...

09/22/2009 13:53

I'm really glad Adam did that. Just calling it like it is.

09/22/2009 15:14

I agree Brandon, it is about time someone pointed out how bias the media is at times.

For the funnier side of this, check out this (I found it via 11W)...


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