"I'm not Justin Boren." He's got a lot of words for Boren. "Just somebody who shouldn't have been here in the first place... We'll see him Saturday." Our front four can get the job done. Boren's got to prove he's still got it. He was good here, but isn't as good there because it's O-State. Family values thing was just an excuse for Boren because he wanted to leave. Never gave the new coaches a chance. "Some people just leave because they feel like they're better than what they is. Not trying to put that much work into it.... a lot of people get lazy and feel like it's supposed to come to them."

Judging by Graham's words and those from the other ridiculous outspoken Michigan players, you would actually think they were the ones who had just clinched the Big Ten title. Michigan can keep talking though, just as Mike Hart did every year, and the Buckeyes can keep winning titles. I hope Graham and the boys enjoy being at the bottom of the conference. Oh, talk is so cheap!

Source: http://mgoblog.com/content/monday-presser-notes-11-16-09


11/17/2009 15:03

Hey Brandon, shut up and bring you punk ass on. We are not a divisional school or ND which all your wins came against. You last six games ring true to your manhood. You are just a bigger version of mike hart! winless versus tOSU!


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