Posey had eight catches in the Rose Bowl
Dave Thurman (5:10 PM)

By all accounts DeVier Posey had an excellent sophomore season.  Not that much of anyone outside of Ohio noticed, as he failed to receive even honorable mention All Big-Ten recognition.  After being a huge recruit out of Cincinnati LaSalle, Posey had a quiet freshmen year backing up a number of upperclassmen.  But he really came on in 2009, gaining steam throughout the year and winding up with 60 catches for 829 yards and 8 touchdowns. 

So what can he do for an encore?  I think he just might become Ohio State's first 1000 yard receiver in nearly a decade.  That is, of course, pretty rarified air for a receiver at a school known for running backs.  Consider that in the history of OSU football only four players have ever had 1000 yards receiving in a season, and each only did it one time.  Those four are: Cris Carter (1127 in 1986); Terry Glenn (1411 in '95); David Boston (1435 in '98); and, Michael Jenkins (1076 in 2002).  Such notables as Doug Donley, Gary Williams, Joey Galloway, Santonio Holmes, Ted Ginn Jr., and Anthony Gonzalez never had 1000 yard seasons.  Interestingly, at that school up north, a receiver surpassed 1000 yards every season from 1998 until 2005 (that is eight straight years if you are counting).  So even though we are spanking the Wolverines every year like a rented mule we do have some catching up to do in this area.

The good news is that I think DeVier Posey surpasses that barrier next year if he stays healthy. When you think about it, he might have passed the 1000 yard mark this year, but for two factors.  One was a slightly slow start.  He was injured against Navy and only had 2 catches for 14 yards, then only caught 2 for 22 in week four versus Illinois.  The second factor was the deep freeze Tressel put on the passing game in the final weeks of the Big Ten season.  DeVier simply didn't see the ball much in those important cold weather games, which included only 2 catches for 17 yards in the Iowa game.  So just the time Posey was really heating up, JT took the air out of the ball.  Thankfully the passing game was resurrected for the Oregon contest, and Posey closed with a huge game of 8 catches, 101 yards and a touchdown.
As 2010 looms there are a couple of reasons I think Posey will have a huge season and add his name to the short list of Buckeye wideouts with 1000 yard years.  Number one is the chemistry he and Pryor possess.  Sometimes the young quarterback looks his way too much, but the fact is, Terrelle has incredible confidence in Posey, and the two are good friends.  So, I have no doubt that there will be plenty of passes thrown in the direction of number eight.  My second reason for predicting a big season for Posey is because I think he will only get better.  Truth is, he dropped quite a few passes this season, including some potential touchdowns.  If he gets a little more consistent in 2010, and gets off to a good start I think he will have a monster year.  Since everything came up rosey for Posey in the bowl game, his confidence is high, and I believe he will be ready to take his game to another level next season.  That's truly good news for Buckeye fans.

So you heard it here first.  Posey will surpass the 1000 yard mark, be an All Big-Ten performer, and start to get national recognition in 2010!


01/16/2010 08:56

I cannot believe only 4 Buckeye receivers have ever eclipsed 1000 yards...crazy. Speaks to how good Posey could be!

01/16/2010 09:29

if tressel opens things up like he did in the rose bowl, 1000 yards will be no problem.

01/17/2010 09:49

If we don't get a couple big boys on the O-line to protect Pryor it will be big time sack time. Posey could get a few long passes with his speed if pryor had a second or more for him to get open.


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