As Tressel and the staff look to close out the 2010 recruiting class in a big way, all the speculation is surrounding Seantrel Henderson, Matt James, Jordan Hicks and Christian Bryant. This week we have learned that there are a few other names to keep an eye on though. First is athlete Dominique Brown, who finally picked up an offer from the staff. The Cincinnati native is a rising prospect, who has recently crept into the Rivals 250.

The other is offensive tackle Chaz Green. Most had written Green off to SEC country, but the news from Urban Meyer and Lane Kiffin may have opened things up a bit. In fact, Tressel has an in-home visit next week with him, according to his high school coach. Green was in Columbus for the USC game, so this isn't his first go around with the Buckeyes. Obviously Florida and USC will be hard to beat, especially because Green was leaning towards Kiffin and UT before all the chaos, but keep an eye open for what Tressel can do.



01/16/2010 09:33

We can only hope that Urban doesn't have another Godly vision in the near future; or that Chaz is agnostic.

01/16/2010 09:43

I am more worried about Kiffin's BS this time than Urban's Ken. Let's hope Green watches ESPN, and realizes that Kiffin sucks as a head coach.

01/16/2010 10:06

I want to know when these recruits will quit buying into the crap guys like Meyer and Kiffin feed them. We blame coaches, but these kids and their families get to decide!

Mr. Realistic
01/16/2010 12:27

We get Brown and Bryant for sure. And one of Hicks, James, and Henderson.

That's it...I have a hard time believing Tressel can swoop in on this one.

01/30/2010 13:25

Ok, unfortunately OSU is on the outside looking in here. If Florida doesn't get Henderson Chaz Green is a gator. If they get Henderson Chaz is Kiffin's or FSU's. Basically OSU HAS to get Henderson or they are gonna hurt. Either way Florida wins with one or the other. Hopefully OSU can close on the default. Either guy is great, Chaz is a big dude too...BTW Hicks was all Horn since his first visit.


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