Drew Thurman (9:37 pm)

National Signing comes Wednesday, and it could be the end of the Buckeye world as we know it. If Seantrel Henderson decides to go elsewhere with his announcement that day, the meltdown in Buckeye Nation will be epic. In fact, I pity anyone who attempts to reason with the prophets of doom that will undoubtedly be taking over the message boards if that announcement doesn't go our way. Don't believe me? Go jump on one of the major message boards now, and you will see fans complaining like....we're Michigan!

Don't get me wrong, I understand the frustration, it has been a very long month. I don't think any of us expected to lose Sharrif Floyd, Latwan Anderson, and Jordan Hicks (to name a few). Now with rumblings that big No. 77 might be leaning elsewhere after supposedly favoring us, it seems like the last straw with the class of 2010. Coming in second for star recruits hurts, and the Buckeyes have done that a lot in this class (and could twice more).
It strikes me as I typed this though, just how ridiculous all this emotion and negativity is surrounding the decisions of a couple of 18 year olds. Even more idiotic is the Tressel bashing that seems to have become so prevalent among even some of the most loyal fans. I really wonder what the guy is going to have to do to shut fans up for awhile. He finally quiets the big game talk with a crushing defeat of Oregon in the Rose Bowl, and now the complaint is that he "can't close a recruiting class out."

Maybe that is true, maybe he struggles to lock up the premiere talent around the country as National Signing Day approaches. And yes, maybe this class hasn't lived up to the expectations, but have we lost all perspective?

The Buckeyes are coming off of two top five classes ('08, '09), with arguably the No. 1 class a year ago. Those classes have helped stock pile what should be a team chasing the National Championship in 2010-11. Not only that, but Tressel has put together a very solid 2010 class (top ten in avg. star per Scout), and is making major strides already in the 2011 class.

So I ask again, what does the guy have to do to shut people up?

If you are a rational Buckeye fan, you know things have gotten out of hand over the last month. Neither one recruiting class nor one single recruit will ever make or break a program. It will be a great end to this class if Seantrel Henderson picks up the OSU hat, but if he doesn't, don't join in with the doom and gloom junk. Tressel is doing some great things in Columbus, as he has over the past decade, so there is no reason to be anything but positive. Would it be fun to have Texas or Florida's class right now? Sure it would! We have to look at the big picture though, and appreciate how great things are for those of us in scarlet and gray. Remember, we could be back in the end of the Cooper era and looking forward to the Outback Bowl!


02/02/2010 06:15

I agree, but I am still think Henderson is coming to the Buckeyes. So hopefully none of this goes down.

02/02/2010 16:01

Nice poll question, because I'm personally sick of the guys who are reporting info from high school kids facebook pages. Public information or not, fans need to leave the kids alone!


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