Yesterday, the results of a recent survey given to all FBS college football head coaches in January was released. Here is what it had to say on the BCS system (Let's hope they have been watching CBS the last few weeks!):

• Ninety-three percent of the coaches prefer the traditional bowl system over a playoff.

• Eighty-five percent are in favor of the current BCS team selection process.

• Thirty percent of the coaches favor some modifications to the BCS system. Of that group, 50 percent prefer the “plus one” model that would result in the addition of a fifth BCS bowl game.

• Ninety-five percent of the coaches are in favor of the AFCA Coaches’ Trophy continuing to serve as the BCS National Championship Trophy.



03/25/2010 13:05

Beg to differ...

03/25/2010 13:06

I will never see a playoff in my lifetime...I have given up!

03/25/2010 14:02


We have a playoff. We just have a two team playoff.

03/25/2010 14:31

Mali: The w team playoff is about like having one candidate in an African election. Why bother? We need more representation. Mr. Bucknuts has a great system he espouses that includes 8 teams.

03/25/2010 14:33

Make that "two" team playoff

03/25/2010 17:42

MaliBuckeye: I think I fail to see how Kansas getting beat by Northern Iowa makes a playoff bad. The BCS National Championship isn't a 10 game playoff either, and a better team can get upset there too. They only difference is that it is limited to two teams selected by a computer system that counts "so called" lesser teams beforehand. Why not give lots of teams the chance to prove their stuff...

03/25/2010 18:24

How are this many coaches happy with the BCS? These stats just blow me away!

03/25/2010 18:41

I would love a playoff as much as the next guy, but how do you pull that off with 117 teams? Way too many teams play in bowls, and a playoff (esp 16 teams or less) would limit the money that the current bowl system brings in. All about money, and college programs are fine with what they are bringing in currently!


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