Pryor leads Scarlet to a first quarter score
Dave Thurman (9:32 pm)

Ohio State 10, Air Force 6.  In case you checked in just to get the score of the riveting lacrosse game, you can happily go back to browsing the net.  As for the rest of us, let's move ahead and diagnose the pigskin action that took place at Ohio Stadium today.

On a day when both teams sported pink numbers in support of the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, there was a lot to be pleased about.  Here are a few of the things that stood out to me, and you'll notice that there are more positives than negatives.

-Kenny Guiton got game - The youngster from Texas showed good poise and a strong arm.  There is a reason he was drafted ahead of Joe Bauserman.  He is clearly the second best quarterback on the roster, and looks to have a bright future.

-Taurian Washington is the new Bam Childress - Another huge spring for Mr. Washington, who might be ready to actually contribute this fall.

-Defense is still king - Even with some rules in place to limit the blitzes and make the defense play vanilla, it was still obvious that this squad will ride the defense again in 2010. 

-Jake Stoneburner is the real deal - Not only can Jake get open, but he can catch the ball, and should be a legitimate threat this season.  Pryor seemed to look for him repeatedly in the quarter he played.
-Special teams are still not special - The punting was very inconsistent, the kickoffs were short, and the return game was just okay.  I do think that Jordan Hall has that burst that could make him deadly, though.  Hopefully it was just a rough day for Ben Buchanan because he wasn't very good. 

-Posey was mostly MIA - DeVier is a great receiver, but on this day he had the dropsies, and didn't impress.

-Pryor looked relaxed and confident - In one quarter of action, Terrelle looked to be in command and threw the ball well, using Stoneburner and Sanzenbacher primarily.

-Big Mike is ready to be the man at LT - I watched Mike Adams as closely as I could, and was impressed.  I think he is now prepared to be a solid starter in 2010, and that is good news.

-Zach Boren can flat catch the ball - Those who thought Zach was recruited because of his big brother could not be more mistaken.  After a fine freshman season, Boren demonstrated excellent hands today and the ability to run after the catch.  He could be a legitimate threat out of the backfield this year. 

-Sabino ready to shine - Etienne flashed quickness while covering a lot of field, and made a couple big hits as well.  I was favorably impressed.

Those are the things that stood out to me from my seat a few rows from the field.  All of the running backs looked solid, though none was really featured.  There also seems to be some depth on the defensive line in spite of all the players who graduated.  Melvin Fellows just looks like a player to me, and I was impressed by his ability to get into the backfield.  On the other hand, I wasn't blown away by the young defensive backs, but they weren't awful either.  

After I watch the tape of the telecast my opinion on some of these things might change, but for now I was pretty happy with what transpired.  Best of all, I didn't see anybody get hurt.  The 2010 edition of the Buckeyes was certainly pretty in pink!


04/24/2010 19:58

Guiton went 11-of-21 for 167 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Count me as a fan...

04/24/2010 20:06

Any word of commitments coming from prospects at the game yet?

04/25/2010 07:12

No commitments have come from the spring game...but recruits were impressed. One of those recruits was TE Nick Vannett.

04/25/2010 11:00

I also noticed Melvin Fellows. His burst off the edge was impressive.

04/25/2010 15:06

Brian: Big Aundrey Walker was impressed too.


04/25/2010 15:23

Speaking of Vannett...isn't it amazing how much tight ends like the Buckeyes after a couple of throws. It's not rocket science...the staff doesn't need to do a ton to get the TE's interested. Besides that, Stoneburner has to be utilized. He makes Pryor look way better and actually gives this squad an intermediate passing game.

04/26/2010 12:44

I was very impressed with Adams too, and equally disappointed in Miller. I thought he was overmatched, even by that #92 who's a walk-on I think.
I also don't know what to make of Newsome at LB. He seemed to around the ball on every play, but then whiff on the tackle or get run over by Boren. Maybe it's because he missed all the tackling drills by being out of the beginning of Spring ball.

04/26/2010 18:33

Adams is the man, and the staff knows how important he is. Miller works hard and is probably a solid guy, but just lacks the talent. At least for now, it appears as if Adams is finally ready to be a starter after seeing him in the spring game.


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