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During college football's dreaded dead period, while starving Buckeye fans fight for table scraps, I've decided to feature a series of Top Ten lists.  Over the next few weeks we'll look at the greatest to don the Scarlet and Gray at a few positions, beginning with wide receiver.  Before we rank the best pass catchers of all time, let me confess that for this position I am only considering players from 1979 on, since Woody used the forward pass about as often as today's coaches employ the Single Wing Offense.  Consider that even the great Paul Warfield never caught more than 22 passes in a season!  So, with the ground rules in place, here are the Top Ten Greatest Ohio State Receivers in history:

10. Anthony Gonzalez and Ted Ginn Jr.  I can't separate these two receivers who played so well together.  Gonzo ran precise routes and was unafraid to cut across the middle.  His catch against scUM in 2005 is reason enough to put him on this list.  Meanwhile, TGII relied mostly on his speed, but you can't overlook his numbers or the fear he struck in the heart of defensive coordinators.

9. Dee Miller - Although overshadowed by David Boston, all Miller did was have back-to-back seasons of 58 and 59 catches, each for over 900 yards.

8. Gary Williams - A lot of Buckeye fans have forgotten about this smooth receiver from Wilmington, but he was the picture of consistency, hauling in at least one pass in 48 straight games.

7. Doug Donley - White Lightening was not only fast, he could catch the ball, and led the team in receiving three straight seasons.

6. Santonio Holmes - Long before his Superbowl winning catch or off-the-field problems, Santonio was a stud in Scarlet and Gray with great speed and excellent hands.
5. Terry Glenn - Even though his career basically consisted of one season, what a year it was, with 64 catches, 1411 yards, and the Biletnikoff Award in 1995.

4. Joey Galloway - Before Teddy Ginn there was Joey Galloway and only injuries kept this human blur from assaulting the record book.

3. Michael Jenkins - Although not as fast as most of the guys on this list, Jenkins may have been the best clutch receiver in OSU history.  A lot of fans remember his "Holy Buckeye" catch against Purdue, but I will never forget the 17-yard reception in the first overtime of the '02 National Championship Game that came on 4th and 14!

2. David Boston - Blessed with a rare combination of size and speed, Boston owns most of the all-time Buckeye receiving records.  His game-winning catch with 19 seconds left, secured a Rose Bowl win for Coop in 1997.

1. Cris Carter - Boston may have topped most of his records, but Carter is still the best of them all in my opinion.  What he lacked in speed, he made up for with vertical leaping ability and huge hands that seemed to be covered in Stickum.  And, Carter was at his best in the end zone, as Buddy Ryan later discovered with his infamous "All he does is catch touchdowns" statement.

Well, there's my list.  Who did I overlook?  Jeff Graham? Ken-Yon Rambo? Brian Robiskie?  Drop me a line and weigh in with your opinion.

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05/24/2010 18:19

What about Mike Lanese? He was opposite Chris Carter so teams couldn't consistently double on Carter and don't forget that awesome catch against Michigan!

05/24/2010 18:47

He was a good one. Gonzo always reminded me of him - just a faster version.

05/25/2010 02:55

Though he didn't play wide receiver at tOSU, instead playing in the backfield, the greatest wide receiver ever to wear the scarlet and gray is and always will be Paul Warfield.

05/25/2010 07:10

Hopefully Posey will be on this list next...

Palm Beach Buckeye
05/25/2010 09:32

D. Boston did indeed catch the winning TD vs Arizona State in the Rose Bowls. The year was not 1999 (as stated above), it was following the 1996 season (January 1997)

05/25/2010 11:10

Thanks Palm Beach. I knew that, but typed it wrong. Was having computer issues, and lost my first copy!

GP - Paul was great in the pros, but better than Carter? I think not!

05/25/2010 16:55

Ken-Yon "Brick Hands" Rambo?! Really?! Even though it's only honorable mention... I think you have to mention Chris Vance or Drew Carter before Rambo. Even as a primaryly defensive player I would bring an argument for Chris Gamble.

This is also a perfect venue to mention Chad Cacchio. A walk-on who kept on to earn a scholarship and a major role his senior year was, arguably, Bellisari's most reliable target.

05/25/2010 17:21

Brandon: Rambo suffered from the same fate as Pryor does now - great expectations, due to being the #1 ranked receiver coming out of high school, but he did finish with 106 catches and 1849 yards, which ranks pretty high on the all-time list, and he did that with Steve Bellisari as his QB!

05/25/2010 17:41

Touché Dave. Rambo did have a fantastic career at Ohio State. I still hold a grudge against him for being an "Amber Alert" throughout some big games in his career. As well as watching him first hand drop two touchdown passes in East Lansing which led to two losses to the Spartans in his career.

Rambo would be on my top 10 list for all time returners.

And nice stab at Bellisari. Probablly my favorite memory of the QB was sitting in the south stands and watching this freshman burn down the field on kickoff coverage like a hell demon and cream the returner, then thinking to myself, "This guy is awesome. The next three years aught to be special!"

05/31/2010 12:51

List loooks pretty good. Glad to see you have Jenkins rated so high. Clutch receiver.


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