Is this finally Washington's time to shine?
Dave Thurman (4:45 PM)

Looking for a late Father's Day gift for Jim Tressel?  How about a dependable number three wide receiver.  Last year it was supposed to be Ray Small, but he had problems hitting the books and staying out of trouble, and fell out of the good graces of the coaching staff.  Now, Duron Carter, the young man who wound up assuming that number three WR spot a season ago, is leaving school.  As has been widely reported, Carter was done in by poor grades, and is going to attend Coffeyville Community College in Kansas.  If he can get back on track academically, Duron will then head to a four year institution, which may or may not be Ohio State.  This is terrible news for the 2010 Buckeyes because of Carter's immense potential, and is especially baffling considering all the tools that the youngster had at his disposal.  He knew what grades were needed to stay in school and had all kinds of people willing to help him.  What a shame...and a waste of talent.

Anyway, receivers coach Darrell Hazell is left to choose from the following options, as he looks for someone to complement Devier Posey and Dane Sanzenbacher:

1) Taurian Washington - A senior who has size and speed but has lacked consistency
2) Chris Fields - A speedy redshirt freshman who many think will eventually win the job
3) James Jackson - A thin, but quick redshirt freshman, who may need more seasoning
4) One of three true freshmen - James Louis, Corey Brown, or Tyrone Williams, the latter of whom just received word that he is cleared to enroll.  Of the three, Brown, who is a burner, may be the most prepared to play from day one. 

Your guess is as good as mine as to who will get the playing time, but my bet is that one of three youngsters eventually claims the spot - either Fields, Louis or Brown.

Of course the bad news from this past weekend just keeps on going.  Besides Carter, the school announced that defensive end Keith Wells is also transferring.  While not a surprise it is a bit of a blow, as Wells has an explosive first step off the edge, and I hoped he could contribute this fall. 

Word is also being circulated that top incoming recruit Rod Smith, the running back from Ft. Wayne, Indana, has not enrolled for summer classes.  His grade issues have been well documented, and one wonders if he will be on the team this year.  While OSU is stocked at the position for 2010 this would be very damaging for the future.

And, finally, everyone knows by now that Jamel Turner was shot multiple times on Saturday and critically wounded.  Those closest to his situation had already forecast that Turner would never suit up in Scarlet and Gray due to academic deficiencies.  Regardless, our prayers go out to Turner and his family, as he fights for his life.  Coupled with Smith, I thought he was the best athlete in the class of '10.

Any way you slice it, it was not a good weekend for the Buckeyes...and who said the off-season is boring?


06/21/2010 17:12

Good grief. Can we just get to September already?

06/21/2010 23:58

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Savory Cheddar
06/22/2010 10:49

I'll vote for Chris Fields, T-Wash has hands of stone. I'd love to see him succeed, but he hasn't shown anything.

Very sad about Jamel Turner, wish him the best.

Apparently JT has said he expects Rod Smith to join the team on August 5th. Shrug.

06/27/2010 19:08

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