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We are just one week out from the Buckeyes finally being back in action again. This time next week I hopefully will be writing a recap about how well the team looked against Marshall, and how few concerns there are heading into the Miami (FL) game. At this point there seem to be a few more question marks than most of us would like and next week will provide some much needed answers.

The next seven days will be brutally slow, and while you wait, here are some of the things you should be reading.

1) The Buckeyes released the first depth chart of the season today.

Most the reaction around the web has been pretty apathetic about it, but it actually offered quite a few insights. First, a ton of youngsters have made their presence known throughout the two-deep. True freshman like Jonathan Hankins, Christian Bryant, Corey Brown, and Andrew Norwell all find themselves on the list. That doesn't even include the bevy of redshirt freshman and sophomores who help make up a big portion of the depth chart.

Second, the Buckeyes are obviously not near as deep at defensive end as we would like. Adam Bellamy finds himself backing up Cameron Heyward, showing how thin the position really is. Honestly though, the only other option would be Melvin Fellows. With Solomon Thomas behind Nathan Williams and Keith Wells now gone, there really are no other experienced options. Outside of Heyward, Williams and Thomas there is not another upperclassmen on the defensive line depth chart. Something that could hurt down the stretch.

Then there is C.J. Barnett jumping Orhian Johnson on the depth chart at safety. This was the only real surprise, unless you have been under a rock and didn't hear that Sweat has jumped Sabino. There has been some panic because of the Barnett's size and lack of experience, but all those in the know claim this all due to Johnson being injured.

Another note at safety is that Christian Bryant has bypassed Nate Oliver on the two-deep at Star.
2) It appears the Michigan-Ohio State game is going to be moved.

For once Columbus and Ann Arbor have been united about something, the fact that no one wants "The Game" moved. Unfortunately, Delany and company seem dead set on making this a reality. It appears UM-OSU will play each other earlier in the year and have an opportunity to meet again in the Big Ten Championship. While I understand the desire to split teams up to create a balanced conference, we all know this has to do with money. Delany is dreaming about a Buckeye-Wolverine war to determine the Big Ten representative in the Rose Bowl, and all the money that would produce.

What is even crazier is that Gorden Gee seems so excited about it. He may just have lost a lot of fans with his comments on the subject. Anyway, like I stated weeks ago, the realignment is going to cost the Buckeyes something. None of the current options on the table come without some wrinkles that need to be worked out. Like it or hate it, tradition will be changing.

3) UM players just gave the Buckeyes some bulletin board material.

Some 19 Wolverine players got grilled with a variety of questions by AnnArbor.com. As expected, most of the answers were pretty much useless. The one question that should catch the attention of Buckeye Nation was on who the most overrated player in the Big Ten was this year. The winner? Well, Terrelle Pryor of course.

I'd really like to spend my time coming up with witty comebacks or well thought up put downs, but I have no clue who to make fun of up in Ann Arbor. Rich Rodriguez is such a joke I don't need to waste my precious time pointing it out any further, and I can't make fun of the players because I don't know who any of them are.

I guess I just don't know why UM players are talking about anyone else being overrated. So hypocritical...and it will make Nov. 27th all the more fun!


08/27/2010 01:26

it has been a weird year...and a lot of traditions have been under attack. the bucks start on a thurs night against marshall, the nike pro combat jerseys are back for michigan, and now the best rivalry in college sports may get messed with.

all decisions that suck!

08/27/2010 07:42

I think Matt Hinton said it best over on Dr. Saturday:

"Forsaking all of that in the hope of an extremely marginal increase in TV ratings for two or three championship games per decade is extremely cynical, but it (probably) wouldn't make Jim Delany one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It also wouldn't make the conference any better or more valuable than it would be otherwise, and it would arbitrarily undermine one of its most valuable, unique pillars for virtually nothing. Michigan-Ohio State already stands on its own. Let it stand, and build the Big Ten Championship as a unique pillar all its own."

Savory Cheddar
08/27/2010 09:51

@ Brent

You didn't mention the side video boards installed in the stadium. It sounds like a nice idea, but it's constant ads, and they use different color backgrounds, so late afternoon/night games, even as you stare at the field, the sudden change in light color grabs your attention.

Also, they jacked parking to $15, and I'm willing to bet the $4 20oz soda/water (was it $4.50 last year?) will be $5.

These decisions suck from a fan perspective, but obviously they are done for money and there are clear benefits to having a program that makes loads of cash.

08/27/2010 11:16

Savory Cheddar - I totally agree.

08/27/2010 11:19

Gene Smith has released a statement on the matter. Watch it and judge for yourself...



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