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[Ed. Note - After too many Christmas parties to count and excessive egg nog for us here at TSB, we are finally back at things...]

Are they really sorry? The five suspended players got their chance yesterday to speak to the media and fans,  and show their remorse for what they had done. Not exactly an easy task for five young men who have been beat up by the media and fans this past week. While none of them will win a public speaking award for the eloquence of how they delivered their apologies, each guy did seem truly sorry. Well, that's my opinion anyway. Judging by the message boards, not everyone in Buckeye Nation shares my assessment. In fact, it sounds like many fans didn't like the "vibes" some of the players sent, namely Terrelle Pryor. I guess this will not be an Oscar winning performance for him. 

Regardless of how you took the press conference, it was big news to hear Posey promise to return for his senior season for some redemption. The wide receiving core will be very green next year, and his return for Big Ten season could prove extremely valuable. You can say what you want about his "alligator arms" or how he can often go MIA in certain games, but the Buckeyes will desperately need him next season. Next to Terrelle Pryor's decision, this was the most important one for OSU in 2011. Now let's hope some of the other guys follow suit and decide not to bolt out of Columbus leaving such a bad taste in everyone's mouths. 

Fox has a thought. Former Ohio State defensive back Dustin Fox, who is currently a free agent in the NFL, has lots to say on Twitter about this whole suspension mess. Last night he offered one of the better opinions on how the NCAA should have handled things.

"I think suspensions should begin asap and should only be two games next year. For three games total."

Amazing how the common sense of the social media trumps the NCAA. Fox's punishment is exactly what the situation calls for, and makes more sense for all the parties involved. While I like the sound of 1-9 much better than 0-10, OSU will be more ridiculed for playing these players and winning than they will be losing without them.       

Moore...we barely knew you! The staff is desperately trying to bring another corner or two in this class. The three remaining options have been Doran Grant, Jabari Gorman, and JUCO Byron Moore. Of the three Moore seemed like the least likely option, mainly because the staff was late getting on his radar. Well, Bill Kurelic revealed yesterday that Moore has dropped the Buckeyes from his list. He was on campus on December 17th, but my guess is the cold weather didn't exactly win him over. He is now down to Tennessee, Ole Miss, Miami (FL), and Oregon.  

Whatever happened to Shaq? Remember Shawntel "Shaq" Rowell, who committed to the Buckeyes in the 2008 class from Glenville? Well grade troubles forced him to Junior College (Iowa Western), and OSU fans completely forgot about him. Anyway, he just signed with West Virginia. Like many JUCO players he sounds like he has grown up throughout this experience, and is now very hungry for a chance to play Div. 1 football.  

“It’s been a grueling experience for me,” he says. “I went from a kid to being a grown man, from 18 to 21, so I learned a lot in this experience. I used to take it for granted, but now I appreciate everything I get. In JUCO, you have to buy everything from your cleats to your gloves, but now I’m going to a school that provides you with stuff like that. It’s little stuff like that I look forward to.”  

I wish him all the best.

The B1G TEN stole one last night. Despite giving up 512 yards of total offense, Iowa beat Missouri 27-24 in the Insight Bowl. The Tigers took a 24-20 lead into the fourth quarter, and were well on the way to scoring again thanks to the arm of Blain Gabbart. Then with five mintues left he forced a throw that Micah Hyde would take to the house. Missouri was never able to answer again, allowing a middle of the road Big Ten team to beat one of the Big 12's best.   

What makes this game even more interesting is the fact that Iowa was able to overcome all the off-field issues during the December break. With the messes with Darrell Johnson-Koulianos and Adam Robinson controlling the headlines for the last several weeks, I don't think anyone expected the Hawkeyes to challenge Missouri. They were able to come together as a team and remain focused, grabbing a huge victory for the program and the conference. Let's hope the same will be said of the Buckeyes next week.


Father Buckeye
12/29/2010 08:34

I am tired of the whole stupid mess. The players were wrong, tOSU is wrong for trying to cover things up with the they didn't know the clearly defined rules BS, the NCAA can and does screw up a wet dream and the SUGAR BOWL committee lobbied for the players to play in the game so the fans could have a good game. CFB is a money game! Kids are idiots, we have all been there. Anyone saying different is lying! It's not right but that's the way it is.

Hocking Hick
12/30/2010 11:35

With the Vest's comments today about the player's decisions on coming back that were made before the bowl trip, I'm bettin' that Tress is bettin' on public contrition lessening the suspension time...

I wonder if Tress now has a voodoo doll for each player, and a pin waiting for the ones who change their mind...

Hocking HIck
12/30/2010 11:41

... that's why the Vest just bought four Voodoo Dolls and a Nail Gun.

In case somebody changes his mind...

12/30/2010 22:01

I understand everyone coming back except Boom. That must have been a terrible decision for him to make...let's see if he actually sticks to it.


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