We'll be honest, we stole the idea for the TweetBeat. Our intentions are pure though. Past and present Buckeyes make Twitter an amazing tool, and many of you miss the most entertaining and interesting tweets that hit our timeline. So to save you time, we'll browse the Twitterverse for you and bring you the can't miss tweets.

In this week's TweetBeat we get serious as we check out tweets pertaining to Urban Meyer and Michigan week. Here's what you missed...

Thoughts on Meyer and Buckeye uncertainty:

Michigan Week!!!!:
That's the kind of recruit you want playing in scarlet and gray. Welcome aboard young fella!

Other random thoughts from the week:
Great wisdom from Ron Tanner. All you single guys, here are some words to live by.
Not exactly a great tweet to read this week. Hang in there Mike, Urban will make you a star...


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