Bam Bradley isn't sure he's ready to announce.
Drew Thurman (7:23 pm)

Today was the first of four days worth of practices for the guys in the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl, which is played on January 3rd. While no Buckeye commitments are playing in the game, there are a handful of prospects on both teams. Bam Bradley and Alex Kozan will be playing for the West Squad, while Demetrious Cox, Jordan Diamond and Camren Williams are playing for the East.

At the West practice, I got a chance to take in a very hard hitting first day of practice featuring Bradley and Kozan. While Bradley could easily pass as an outside linebacker right now, he still showed the quickness to play safety. The West coaches had the offense in a lot of spread formations, and Bradley was in one-on-one coverage most of the afternoon instead of playing deep safety. Bradley held his own too, shutting down practically everyone he guarded, including Greg Garmon. He also stood out as one of the most competitive guys on the field.

"I'm trying to get the M.V.P. trophy," Bradley said. "If they're handing one out, I'm trying to get it."

As for his college choice, there have been many reports saying that Bradley will be announcing at the game what his final destination will be. While that still could happen, he made it clear that he will not announce if he is not ready.

"They (Semper Fi Bowl) asked me and I told them if I am ready then I will, but I also told them if I didn't feel ready, I wouldn't rush into it. I'm playing it day by day. I'm still praying on it and still asking my mom, and I'll know Tuesday if I'm ready to announce."

_Bradley said his final four schools are Michigan State, Stanford, Ohio State and Pittsburgh. Some have called his recruitment a three team battle between the Cardinal, Buckeyes and Panthers, but Bradley talked a lot about the Spartans as well. He also emphasized that the deciding factor in which school he chooses could be less tangible than fans may have hoped for. It's not the academics, athletic programs or coaches he mentioned, instead it was his faith and family.

"The deciding factor is my faith," he said. "I'm going to be listening to what my mom has to say because she is real spiritual, and listening to what my prayers are telling me to do."

Bradley would fit ideally in the Star position or possibly as an outside linebacker down the road. He seems genuinely torn, and I would not be surprised if he ends up prolonging his decision. Unlike some of the uncommitted prospects out there, it really is a mystery who Bradley picks in the end as it doesn't even appear he has a favorite.
As for Kozan, he clearly is going to be a guard at the next level. Many have argued that the Buckeyes wanted him as a tackle, but after watching him today I don't believe that is a possibility at all. In fact, I think the previous Ohio State staff viewed him as a guard and that's why they slow played him in the recruiting process.

During practice, he lined up exclusively at both guard positions and showed some weaknesses in his footwork. He also received coaching on his technique a lot during the lineman drills. Kozan is a hard worker and a leader though, and seem to be the most vocal lineman of the lot during practice. Still, he just doesn't seem athletic or fluid enough to play for Meyer, which is possibly the reason he hasn't been in contact with the new staff.

Hopefully I can grab Kozan for a moment over the coming days during practices and find out where things stand and how his recent visits have gone.



12/30/2011 17:12

Great stuff Drew. I think the ship has sailed on Kozan. I've always pulled for the kid, but I think the interest in O'Connor shows Kozan isn't going to be part of this class.

As for Bradley - I just don't get the feeling he's picking OSU. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't.

12/30/2011 17:42

Thanks TB!

I wish I could give you some insight on Bradley...but he seems pretty confused. My only guess is that he doesn't announce Tuesday and takes another visit or two. I may be wrong, but I just don't see how he figures it all out in three days.

12/30/2011 17:44

In case you missed my practice updates on some of the other guys I saw at the West practice...follow me @osusilverbullet on Twitter.

12/30/2011 20:56

Thanks Drew - Cool to see the blog get this access. You guys do a great job!

12/31/2011 07:47

Bam looks huge in that picture! Wow!


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