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Earlier on Friday, Dave did a "speak-the-unspeakable" article on the mans basketball season to date. Originally, I was going to comment on the article, but decided that my wordiness would be more appropriate in a post, so here we are. I'll just blurt out my thoughts on Dave's work, since I think he's on to something.

I think that a lot of people, myself included, were taken with the return of of two starters (Sullinger, Buford) and a defacto starter (Craft) from a very good 2010-2011 team. I think we missed the part of what losing talents such as Lighty, Diebler and Lauderdale meant to this team. This team was over-rated and had too much success placed upon it in the preseason. Accordingly, "Expectation is the enemy of Acceptance", so yeah, this team has not measured up to, what I think were unrealistic expectations. 

Poor Outside Shooting
The Buckeyes are really struggling from 3-pt land, so teams are not paying the price of collapsing on Sullinger. Additionally, there has not been much of any consistent outside shooting threat, so other coaches (somewhat aware of this) aren't concerned about dealing with OSU's past inside-outside game because at this point the OSU offense is inside-whatever.. Dave is absolutely correct, OSU is much easier to defend than last year. The fact that Sibert can't find the basket hasn't helped.

Lack of an inside enforcer
Sometimes last year Big D drove me to distraction. But, to give the devil, or in this case Dallas, his due, Lauderdale was a good defensive stopgap that took pressure off Sullinger defensively. Offensively, he would set some jaw-jarring screens and pick up the occasional weak-side rebound and dunk.

Buford's roller coaster season
Honestly, I have nothing to add to Dave's perspective.

Sullen Sully
I do wish he'd quit carping at the refs, but IMO he is getting physically mauled this year, so he may have a point, but it's a distraction from his performance. If you want to cast Sullinger in role as a "star", then this year he is suffering from not quite the supporting cast that he had last year.

Thad's bench, etc.
I think that Dave pretty much said what had to be said. I would love to see more Amir Williams and Sam Thompson. I have noticed, from my couch in Buffalo anyway, that Thad's '2nd five' plays with a lot of energy which supports Dave's "run people ragged" scenario.


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Support your work, and I hope you continue to update.


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