Is time running out for the Buckeyes to land Green?
Michael Chung (8:34 am)

Internet sites have blown up recently about Derrick Green.  At one time, recruiting experts considered Green a virtual lock to Ohio State, but recently reports have surfaced that OSU no longer leads. Instead, Clemson has been reported as Green's new leader with other reports claiming he has an interest in Michigan as well. Derrick took some time to talk to me to set the record straight. 

Internet sites have recently reported that Clemson is your new leader, is that true?

DG: Not true. I do not have a leader at this time. Everyone is equal. 

Which school or schools will you visit next?

DG: I will visit Oklahoma State and Oklahoma

So OSU is equal with Clemson, not behind?

DG: Yes, all the schools are equal now.

Does Ohio State still have a chance to have you play for them? 

DG: Definitely, I speak with coach Stan Drayton often.  He has talked to me about going up there and visiting. He wants me to see how things are now that Urban Meyer is there.  Coach Drayton and I still talk about once a week and I usually give him a call.

Have you talked to coach Urban Meyer yet?

DG: I have talked to him one time so far.

What did he say to you?

DG: He told me it would mean a lot to the program for me to commit to play there.

Internet Sites reported that Michigan would be hard for you to turn down, can you explain?

DG: Michigan has made an offer and I have been there for a visit. I speak with Jerry Montgomery and Fred Jackson but every school that has offered me is equal right now. I have no clear leader.

Will you visit Ohio State?

DG: I will try to get there soon sometime but I do not have a specific date at this time. I am trying to work it out with Coach Drayton as to when I will get down there.

OSU recently took Ezekiel Elliot and other internet reports have cited that they will only take one back, is this what the coaches have told you and does Elliot’s commitment have any bearing on you?

DG: Ezekiel Elliot’s commitment has no bearing on me. Wherever I go I will have to work hard to earn playing time. OSU taking him is no big deal to me.

Is it true that OSU has stopped recruiting you and will only take one running back?

DG: Not true at all.

Ohio State was once your leader, what happened to make them no longer leading for you?

DG: OSU was a leader at one time but everyone is equal right now. Other schools have been coming really hard at me so I am taking visits to different schools and getting to know as much as I can before I make my commitment.

What are Ohio State’s chances of landing you in their 2013 class?

DG: I am not sure. I want to go out there and visit and see what the program is like under Urban Meyer as well as get a feel about the offense.

Thank you Derrick for your time and we hope that wherever you commit, you will succeed.


05/03/2012 04:55

Dude had OSU at top for years it seems. My guess is this is just to keep interest up and keep coaches coming to his school to see his team mates. Grant did the same thing!

- Todd Charske

04/23/2013 00:01

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