Michael Chung (2:45 pm)

The Sporting News is in the media again.  After running a controversial story titled “From champs to chomped: How Urban Meyer broke Florida football” essentially claiming that Urban Meyer was not a good coach and will be bad for the Buckeyes. Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee fired back defending his coach calling the Sporting News (and Sports Illustrated) “bad journalism.” Our very own Drew Thurman, said the same thing.

The Sporting News was not happy.  President and publisher of the Sporting News Jeff Price told the Lantern that he stands by the story.  Price states, “There were no corrections, clarifications nor retractions with regard to” Hayes’ story on Meyer.” 

Who is right?  Is the Sporting News’ story 100% truthful and Gee is just blowing off steam or does Ohio State’s President, who Time Magazine ranked in 2009 as the nation’s top University President, know more about journalism than bow ties?

Kyle Dodson was mentioned in the original Hayes piece, which Price will not retract.  I asked Kyle Dodson the inside scoop on what really happened in regards to the Sporting News allegations specifically dealing with him.

The article by Matt Hayes specifically mentions you and that Urban Meyer “bumped” into you during a recruiting dead time, is this true?

KD: Not true all. It is a complete lie and I have no idea where they got this lie.

Article also states that OSU was using former NFL players to call high school recruits, did this happen?  Did any former OSU NFL players call you?

KD: No they did not.  I do not know where they come up with these lies; they are probably making them up so they can attract readers for their publication.

Price told the Lantern that: “There were no corrections, clarifications nor retractions with regard to 'Hayes’ story on Meyer. What do you think about those statements?

KD: I think it is flattering I have been talked about in such a major publication, but as an insider they should retract those statements. In the end, it does not matter, it is not the truth and I am not sure why they are pushing the issue.

After answering a few questions about the Sporting News, I asked Kyle Dodson a few others about his health and recruiting.

How is your rehab going?  Will you be 100% when fall camp opens?

KD: Excellent, I should be either 100% or almost 100% once fall camp arrives.  I feel great.

Anyone you are working on recruiting for the 2013 class?

KD: My teammates like Shelton Gibson. He and I are really close friends and I think he has an offer.  He has not told me he will come to Ohio State but we are close friends and I hope he is a Buckeye because I am there. He also might come 'cause he has chance to play.  He is a great player.

Who else have you talked to that may commit to OSU?

KD: All of my teammates who I think can play at Ohio State.

What was the Spring Game like?

KD: Great, watched my position to see where I can improve and see my competition for playing time.

Thank you Kyle for another interview (Read the first interview here).  From your statements, it is clear that the Sporting News should retract some of their statements and that President Gee is not far off in his accusation of the SN publishing “bad journalism.”  We look forward to following your career once the fall starts.


04/27/2012 12:30

God to hear the truth, Sad state when someone can write an artile like they did and still have any respect.

04/27/2012 12:40

Even more pathetic than Hayes...is Price. How hard is it to realize what garbage that piece is and issue an apology.

Big Bear
04/27/2012 18:52

Thumbs up if you came to see Todd Charske

04/27/2012 22:17

Well, I guess that settles it. Glad to see a hard-hitting interview without bias or any pulled-punches. Bravo, Mr. Chung. There is a bright future ahead of you!

Steve Ament
04/28/2012 05:57

HAHAHAHA, sure Kyle, we believe you and Coach Honest Urban...HAHAHAHA

The Saint
04/28/2012 07:19

Right. I guess it is in Bielema's best interest to just make up random lies about some OL recruit from Ohio, an area the Badgers recruit regularly. In a million years, I could never imagine Urban Meyer cheating.....he will fit in well with the cheating culture in C-Bus.

04/28/2012 13:26

My my how incredibly stupid you sound. If Urban has you scared just say so.

04/28/2012 11:01

Oh baby...Urban has scared the heck out of the B1G, and I love to see all the UW and UM fans slinging mud out of pure fear. Bielema is a crybaby who accused Meyer of doing the very things he had done himself. Real credible guy. Fits well with Bo Ryan. Neither one is very good at recruiting but they criticize those who can.

04/28/2012 13:29

Agreed 100%.

11/27/2012 21:42

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