Yesterday, the Buckeyes had their ninth practice under Coach Meyer, who made it clear afterwards that is was by far the team's best practice of the spring. It was also a monumental practice because it marked the first time the offense came away victorious in one of the winner-loser days.

Check out everything else Meyer had to say, as well as some good footage of practice taking place (thanks to WOSN Buckeye Insider). You aren't going to want to miss this video...


04/12/2012 08:27

I'm really looking forward to seeing this team take the field! Can we skip baseball season and go right into football?

04/12/2012 09:14

I'm ready too. April 21st cannot come quick enough.

04/12/2012 17:39

Great video, thanks for posting. That was the best, most high quality presser & practice vid I've seen. Far better than the Bucknuts pay site videos. Please keep posting those!

04/13/2012 12:16

Drew, you're right about not wanting to miss this video. That was a fine 12 minutes of practice footage and interview. Very nice.


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