Pocic headed to LSU
Dave Thurman (8:56 pm)

I am a little late with this week's N & N...let's blame it on a short week whether that's true or not!  There are a number of interesting items to discuss.

Pocic Picks Tigers: Ethan Pocic, a 4-star offensive linemen from Lemont, Illinois, coveted by the OSU staff, gave a verbal commitment this week to LSU.  Considered one of the elite offensive tackle prospects in the nation, he ranked at the top of the Buckeye wish list, and some thought he was an Ohio State lean.  So, although signing day is a long way off, and Pocic could change his mind, this has to be considered a big loss for Urban and company. After a tremendous hot streak early this spring, the Buckeye staff has been in neutral for awhile in regard to the class of 2013.  Is it a big concern?  No!  But it does sting a little right now. Especially losing to the Mad Hatter, Les Miles.

Looking Back at Tress:  Nearly every Ohio newspaper and Buckeye blog has featured reflections of and tributes to Jim Tressel at the one year anniversary of his forced resignation.  Maybe the most complete of the lot was Matt Baxendell's two part homage entitled "A Golden Decade" but you need a subsription to Bucknuts to read it.  Our old friend Ramzy also had an interesting piece at Eleven Warriors entitled "Three Cups of Deceit."  You can read the TSB take here, and at the bottom are links to other articles about JT that appeared on the Buckeye Blog Network. 

Gonzo Released: In sad news, one of the good guys, former Ohio State wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez, was released by New England Tuesday, less than three months after signing with the Patriots as a free agent in March.  After a great career at Ohio State, Gonzo was a first-round pick of the Indianapolis Colts in the 2007 NFL Draft. It looked like a match made in heaven, as he and Payton Manning shared a passion and intellect for the game.  Things began well, as Anthony caught 94 passes for more than 1,200 yards and seven touchdowns in his first two seasons.  But then the injury bug bit Gonzo and limited him to just five catches in 11 games over the last three seasons.  When he signed with the Patriots it looked like another good situation, but apparently things didn't work out, so the 27-year-old receiver is at a crossroads in his career.  Here's hoping he can get healthy and resurrect that career in a new location. 

Preseason Magazines:  It's that time of the year when the annual college football preseason magazines make their way to the local bookstores.  Both Lindy's and Athlon are out this week, and Phil Steele should be on the rack in the next few days.  Lindy's has the Buckeyes picked at 14th in the nation, and Athlon, surprisingly has them at 6th (which seems a little high even with Urban, Braxton, and the rest of the gang).  It is exciting to see the respect the "experts" have for Urban Meyer, however.  And some scUM fans thought "we" would be down for a few years!

Letter Burning Aftermath: Speaking of the ugly helmets, Michigan recruit Logan Tuley-Tillman made headlines recently by burning his OSU recruitment letter and putting that image up on Twitter. An offensive tackle, he was offered by over 20 schools including both the Wolverines and Buckeyes, and knowing the intensity of the rivalry decided to burn his Ohio State letter.  Not a smart move, but then again, he is a high schooler.  Now reports are surfacing that Tillman and his mother are getting death threats from a few angry Buckeye fans.  If that is true, it is both shameful and stupid.  Hey, I hope we whip Tuley-Tillman's butt four years in a row, but when are immature fans going to grow up? Of course, once again, we see the perils of living in the 21st century social media world.  First Anzalone, and now this.  When will it end?

Editor's Note: I did not mention The Sporting News among the preseason mags because I have crossed them off my list after the ridiculous "From Champs to Chomped" piece.  And, I resisted mentioning Mike Hart when referring to TSUN losing four in a row to the Buckeyes, but I regretted being nice, so I threw it in here at the end!


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I thought Gonzo was off to Stanford for an MBA.


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