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Few recruits were more heralded in the 2012 class than Noah Spence. A five star prospect out of Pennsylvania, Spence committed to Ohio State soon after Urban Meyer took over as head coach.  With offers from all over the country and almost every major college football program, Spence chose Ohio State.  Many project Spence as the key recruit of this class. Urban is clearly trying to build up a superior defensive line and many believe Spence will be the cornerstone of that line. He took some time to answer questions recently.

You are one of the highest rated recruits in the 2012 class. How do you deal with the pressure?

NS: I put my faith in God and take it in stride. Try to work hard to get playing time. Coaches keep us together and do not want anyone to think they are better than the team; we are freshman and have to prove ourselves.

What attracted you to Ohio State?

NS: A lot: the coaching staff & school is close to my home. Coaches clearly communicated a mission with the players and they are very focused on this mission. I wanted to be part of it.

What did the coaches say to you about playing time?

NS: Everyone has to work hard.  It is going to take time. They have not said much about playing time. I have to come in and do my best.

After your commitment to OSU, were there other schools that tried to flip you?

NS:  Yes, Penn State, both coaching staffs: Bradley/Paterno and O’Brien’s, but I pretty much stopped thinking about other schools once I committed to Ohio State.

You had scholarship offers from many SEC schools. What is SEC style recruiting like? 

NS: LSU talked to me a lot. There is not much of a difference between the SEC’s style and other conferences. Coaches are still coaches. Phone calls are a little harder from SEC schools like “come to our school and you will win.” SEC coaches are very confident.

Which SEC coaches did you get to know the best?

NS: Les Miles

Compare Les Miles to Urban Meyer?

NS: Both great coaches. I felt Urban Meyer was more down to earth.  He talked to me about other stuff than football and he wanted to talk to my family about life outside football. Les Miles was more about football and school. SEC coaches are really focused.

Tell me about Mike Vrabel. What is he like?

NS: Great coach, just like all the other coaches at OSU.  I like how aggressive he is. He gets in your face if you do something wrong. Both Urban and Mike are really intense.  I don’t even want to get into who is more intense. His NFL experience also was attractive because he has been where we want to go.  Mike has played in the NFL, won awards, won Super Bowls, he has lived the dream that we all are dreaming about. But he never tried to sell me with the line “If you come to OSU, I will get you to the NFL” even though he comes from such a successful football career.

Have you gotten to know the team or people in your class?

NS: David Perkins and I have become close. I knew a lot of recruits who were former Penn State commits. Ryan Shazier and Braxton Miller I have gotten to know some when I am in Ohio. I feel like the whole team is cool.  I have gotten to know everyone.

What will you major in?

NS: Not to sure but I think Sociology.

Thank you so much Noah for giving some of your time to us and giving us a deeper understanding of college football. We are excited to see you in scarlet and gray.


06/01/2012 06:19

Nice interview, Mike. Spence appears to be a high quality person that can play a little football.

06/01/2012 07:39

Good stuff, seems like a good kid. I look forward to him putting a hat in the back of B1G quarterbacks.

06/01/2012 08:24

Love getting kids with faith, values AND big-time talent!

06/04/2012 17:50

Sounds like a great kid! Love that we're recruiting good character kids as well as Top notch players!

04/12/2013 03:04

Your write-up is pretty helpful! Looking at your work has educated me. Discovered a lot from it. I will favorite your blog and will consistently browse your forthcoming blog posts. Awesome! Kudos!

07/26/2013 04:45

The interview with Noah Spence offered a great reading experience. It is nice that he had so much passion for the game and no doubt, this kid has lot of hidden talents inside him that are still to be exposed. Excellent coaching from the Ohio state should help him to be a better professional.


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