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Our good friend Ken Kohl has had a rough week, losing his neighbor to cancer (which hits close to home for Ken, who is a cancer survivor himself).  Yesterday, he jotted down his thoughts, which carry a very powerful and poignant reminder to live in the now and cherish every moment.  I have posted Ken's reflections below, and with him, wish all of our dads a Happy Father's Day.

My little world was rocked this week with the passing of my neighbor and very good friend, Mark, from a very aggressive form of cancer. I remember the day back in September when his wife came across the street to tell us that he had just been diagnosed with ‘C’ in Stage 4 that had already begun to metastasize into the bones. At that point, the clock had been ticking.

I last talked with him at length just before Easter. They (Mark, wife, two daughters) were going to spend some time in Florida over Easter break, just to get a “change of scenery”. While in Florida, he had a flare up, and came home early to be hospitalized. After two months in various institutions (hospital, physical therapy, hospice, hospital again) he was sent home the first week in June, because nothing could be done for him at that point. Compounding the problem was that spinal tumors had impinged upon the spinal cord, rendering him immobile.

A couple days after coming home, finally, my wife and I stopped over to see him; he was easy to catch, sitting in his wheelchair reading the newspaper. He had always been on the lean side, now he was gaunt.

He took it to the end, battling the scourge his way until he ran out of energy and will. He was at home, at peace and with family. He went out on his terms. He leaves behind a lovely supportive wife and two beautiful (in every sense of the word) daughters. He was a gregarious person, a good golf companion, and a greater person. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

If you are a father, or a son/daughter, this weekend highlights what the important things are in life. Mark, wherever you are, have a great Father’s Day.

Our prayers go out to Mark's family, to Ken, and to all impacted by this loss.  Having lost my dad to cancer, I know how desperately we need to find a cure, and how important it is to tell those we care about how much we love them while we can.  Happy Father's Day from TSB!



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Very nice, Dave, thank you.


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