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Good evening, welcome to another edition of the Midweek News & Notes. The summer has been a crazy time for all of us at the blog, especially me. I've just completed a move back to B1G country after living in Phoenix, Arizona, for the last several years. I unluckily landed there after the Buckeyes Fiesta Bowl run, meaning I was stuck watching the TCU's and Boise State's of the world play in the desert. Thankfully, I've returned to my homeland to see the silver bullets in person regularly.

Interestingly enough, the summer has provided more action that usual for Ohio State, too. While the recruiting trail has been a little cold over the past couple of months, that hasn't meant that Urban and company have been sitting on their hands. Let's take a look at the latest...

Attacking the Classroom

Urban Meyer is already showing he is getting it done off the field, besides on the field. The football team boasted a 2.88 combined GPA, the highest it had been in the last 10 quarters. To make things even better, the current players on the roster had a combined 2.95 GPA. The last time the GPA was that high going into fall camp was back in 2007.

"Our players and staff really attacked the spring quarter academically, especially the second half of it, like we would the second half of a game," Meyer said. "I was impressed with everyone's effort to finish strong. Overall, the team performed very well in the classroom."

The news got better though. The NCAA has released the APR scores for 2010-2011, and the Ohio State football team came in the fourth among FBS schools with a 988. The B1G as a conference took the top rank in football, thanks to a 960.75 average rating. Where you at SEC?

Buckeyes in Paul Brown Stadium?

Ohio Stadium will be undergoing some renovations next year that includes stripping and replacing 1922-era coating and concrete off portions of A and C decks. These renovations were expected, as they were not included in what occurred from 1998-2001. With this taking place, the athletic department is looking for a new home for the LiFE Sports Spring Game. One possibility appears to be 65,535-seat Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.

Gene Smith provided the following statement:

"We are very appreciative to be in discussions with the Cincinnati Bengals. We look forward to continuing our discussions and look forward to an opportunity to bring the Buckeyes into Cincinnati and closer to our Southern Ohio fans."

While I'm sure this is a big annoyance to Ohio State students and fans that find themselves near Columbus, the possibility of moving the game to Cincinnati for one year could make for an interesting spectacle. Not to mention it may make for a smart recruiting strategy with Cincinnati based recruits.


Maybe the best news all week was the victory for the university grabbed over ESPN. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of Ohio State in the lawsuit that was brought forth by the World Wide Leader in Sports. They were attempting to uncover more details in the "TatGate" scandal surrounding the NCAA investigation. When the university refused to make certain records (emails) public pertaining to Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor, ESPN sued them claiming they were in violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Fortunately for OSU, the court sided with them citing the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

The university released this statement:

“Ohio State appreciates the clarity given today by the Ohio Supreme Court affirming the university’s interpretation of federal student privacy laws. Our student athletes are treated the same way as all of our 64,000 students, and we take seriously our obligation to protect the confidentiality of all of our students’ education records. At the same time, the university also takes seriously its obligation to provide public information in accordance with Ohio law. The university provided ESPN with thousands of pages of records during the course of our NCAA investigation, and as now affirmed by a unanimous court, it acted responsibly in responding to the many varied and broad public record requests it received.”

What makes this comical is that ESPN announced its new Ohio State focused website BuckeyeNation hours after the announcement that it lost its case. They truly are unbelievable.

Oh and by the way, please don't click that link above.


06/21/2012 06:28

Man I hate ESPiN. Wish someone would sue them and put them out of business. They are the biggest conflict of interest out there and should never be taken seriously.


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