The Silver Bullet Staff (8:43 am)

Our very own Michael Chung has just started a new gig over at the-Ozone covering recruiting. We could not be more excited for him, and we are proud to call him an alumnus of The Silver Bullet. While you may see him around from time to time, his new home will be over there. Make sure to go over and check out his first piece and drop him a quick note of encouragement. 


08/09/2012 09:29

Drew, Dave; from my perspective, this speaks well for you and the way you encourage, coach and develop writers. Well done. TSB is sort of like Miami of Ohio; rather than being Cradle of Coaches, you are Cradle of Bloggers.

08/09/2012 16:25

Ken: You and Michael hold a special place in our hearts!

08/16/2012 07:15

Thanks guys! I am not gone and hopefully not forgotten. But working with Dave, Ken, and Drew helped and I see that the army is growing and TSB is taking off. Glad to continue to be a part of it.


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