My B1G Game of the Week: Michigan State vs. #23 Michigan
Zach Clark ( 8:47 am) @Zach_TSB


Purdue (+18.5) [3-3] vs. #7 Ohio State (-18.5) [7-0]

2011 Records: Purdue 7-6 and Ohio State 6-7
Game Time: 12:00 PM Eastern
Channel: ABC/ESPN2
Prediction: Purdue 17 - Ohio State 38

In a game where the Boilermakers have bested the Buckeyes in 2 of the past 3 years, Coach Meyer, fueled with anger from his team’s defensive performance against Indiana, plans to make a statement and beat-down the Boilermakers in Columbus.  I predict, although not too difficult of a task with Purdue’s 3 sub par quarterbacks, that Luke Fickell will finally make the necessary adjustments and limit Purdue to minimal offensive output.  So far in 2012, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Marshall all shredded the Boilermakers defense for 38 or more points, and I expect the Buckeyes to do the same.  I’m hesitant to take the Bucks in the 18.5-point spread, but they very well could get it done.  Some key Buckeye recruits plan on attending this one, and Coach Meyer will do his best to impress, as he did very successfully for the Nebraska game…

Minnesota (+16.5) [4-2] vs. Wisconsin (-16.5) [5-2]

2011 Records: Minnesota 3-9 and Wisconsin 11-3
Game Time: 12:00 PM Eastern
Channel: ESPNU/WatchESPN
Prediction: Minnesota 14 - Wisconsin 28

In the famed battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe, the Golden Gophers and the Badgers square off for the 65th time this Saturday.  Overall, the Badgers lead the series 37-24-3, and I expect them to increase their hold on the rivalry series this Saturday.  Finally Wisconsin is starting to roll, and returning Heisman finalist Montee Ball looks like he’s returned to true form.  The Badgers’ offense, although disappointing at many times this year, shapes up to be the toughest offense Minnesota has faced thus far in 2012.  With reoccurring injuries to Minnesota QB MarQueis Gray and inconsistent play from backup QB Max Shortell, the Badgers should roll.  For the sake of the B1G, I’d like to think Wisconsin is “back,” but could it just be that they played a poor Purdue defense?  We’ll find out soon. Look for whomever comes out victorious to be wielding a massive wooden axe minutes after the game ends…
Nebraska (-7) [4-2] vs. Northwestern (+7) [6-1]

2011 Records: Nebraska 9-4 and Northwestern 6-7
Game Time: 3:30 PM Eastern
Channel: ESPN2/ABC Regional
Prediction: Nebraska 38 - Northwestern 17

In one of the more intriguing matchups of week 8, the Nebraska Cornhuskers bring their 8th ranked offense (points scored) to Evanston to face the Northwestern Wildcats, who, ya know, have just seemed to be “getting it done” in 2012.  As opposed to the Huskers who spent last weekend resting up and preparing for week 8, the Wildcats barely squeaked by Minnesota by a score of 21-13.  In their first game since the 63-38 beatdown in Columbus, Bo Pelini will bring his squad out with a vengeance, and destroy the “kitty-cats” in their hometown.  Northwestern’s only chance, and it’s a small one, is to get into a shootout with the Huskers and beat them at their own game- scoring many, many points.  I’m not too confident after last week’s 21-point performance vs. a below average Minnesota D…

Michigan State (+9.5) [4-3] vs. #23 Michigan (-9.5) [4-2]

2011 Records: Michigan State 11-3 and Michigan 11-2
Game Time: 3:30 PM Eastern
Channel: Big Ten Network
Prediction: Michigan State 13 - Michigan 24

I have a feeling this gruesome in-state rivalry between the Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines will be one for the ages, as both teams are coming off very impressive 2011 seasons and should have a lot of built-up anger from their disappointment in 2012.  Michigan State has a horribly ranked 104th offense in the nation (points scored), and Michigan’s defense, despite playing many formidable opponents, is ranked 23rd (points against).  As long as Denard stays healthy, I expect another “Denard show,” and if he can make a few shot-put passes downfield, Michigan should coast to victory.

 Indiana (+3) [2-4] vs. Navy (-3) [3-3]

2011 Records: Indiana 1-11 and Navy 5-7
Game Time: 3:30 PM Eastern
Channel: CBS Sports Network
Prediction: Indiana 45 - Navy 17

In looking at the Vegas line for this game, I was shocked to see that they favored Navy by 3 points.  The key to predicting this game lies with 2 statistics: Indiana’s average of 35.5 points scored per game (31st) and Navy’s average of 19.5 points scored per game (110th).  Although Indiana has a poor defense, I believe they can use their experience with somewhat high-powered offenses in 2012 (Ohio State, Ball State, Northwestern) to withstand Navy’s attack.  Considering Vegas’s opinion, I’m predicting  a major upset and a 45-17 victory for the Hoosiers.

Penn State (+3) [4-2] vs. Iowa (-3) [4-2]

2011 Records: Penn State 9-4 and Iowa 7-6
Game Time: 8:00 PM Eastern
Channel: Big Ten Network
Prediction: Penn State 24 - Iowa 13

After coming off a big win against the Spartans in overtime, the Hawkeyes look to keep it rolling with another high-stakes game against the Nittany Lions.  Yet again suffering detrimental injuries at the running back position, Iowa’s star running back Mark Weisman went down late in the 4th in week 7.  I do not expect the 100th ranked Hawkeyes offense (points scored) to move the ball on the motivated, stout Penn State D.  This one very well could go down to the wire, but I think a late score or two from Penn State will give them the edge and the victory 24-13.


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