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In this edition of TSB’s Recruit Talk, I spoke with the 2014 4-star, 5-11, 175-pound RB Derrell Scott out of Havelock High School (Havelock, NC). According to 247sports.com, Derrell has a 94 overall rating, is ranked the 87th overall best player in the country, the 2nd all-purpose back in the country, and the 4th best overall player in his home state of North Carolina.  MaxPreps.com has Derrell at 852 total rushing yards (106.5 yards/game), 16 total touchdowns (12.5 points/game), 73 total receiving yards, 4 total tackles, and 2 passes defended through 8 games in his junior season.  Rivals.com lists his 40-yard dash time as 4.69 seconds, bench reps as 12, shuttle time as 4.38 seconds, vertical as 31 inches, and very impressive 3.8 GPA.  Get to know this stud 2014 recruit here:

How’s your junior season at Havelock going so far?

It’s going good so far. We’re 8-1 right now.  I haven’t actually kept track of my stats, but I can get back to you on that.

What’s your favorite part about playing running back?  What position(s) do you play on defense, and what do you like about playing defense?
I like making people miss and scoring a lot.  On defense, I play cornerback.  It’s really fun, and I like to hit people, cover receivers, and make interceptions.

What part of your game do you need to work on the most?  What is your biggest strength?

I always want to work on everything.  I believe that I always need to get better at everything.  Coming
into the season, I didn’t have one particular thing I aimed to work on.  My biggest strength is definitely making defenders miss.

Let’s get into your recruitment now.  What are the main schools recruiting you currently?  Which coaching staffs do you have the best relationships with?

Some schools are South Carolina, USC, ECU, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Florida, Oregon, Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, and Louisville.  I’d say I have the best relationship with South Carolina’s staff.

What do you like about Ohio State?

I love the tradition they have.  Coach Urban Meyer is a very good coach and really knows how to get players to the next level.  I’ve never been to Ohio State, but I would like to visit.

Recruiting services list Coach Withers as the coach recruiting you.  Is that true, how often do you speak, and who else do you speak with?  

 Yeah, that’s true.  We talk every once in a while, but I haven’t talked to him very recently.  I’ve talked to Urban Meyer on phone once, but I mostly speak with Coach Withers.

What exact position in Coach Meyer’s offense are they recruiting you for, and what do you guys talk about?  

I think the basic running back position.  We talk about getting me down there for a visit, where I fit in their offense, and what they’re trying to do offensively.

I read online that you recently named South Carolina as your leader.  Why do they lead for you?  Does Ohio State’s further distance from your home town than South Carolina make a difference?

Yeah I’d say that right now out of all the schools expressing interest, South Carolina leads.  It’s hard to describe and I’m not sure how to explain it, but they’re just my leader right now.  Distance has never mattered to me.  I came into the recruitment process not counting distance as a factor, and I’d make a decision to go to a school regardless.

How do you deal with the pressure of the recruiting process and being such a highly touted recruit?  

I try not to let it get to my head.  I look at it from the perspective that every time I play, I still have something to prove.  I’m always trying to get different schools interested in me. When you go into it not thinking you have something to prove, that’s when you start slacking.

What other top recruits in the 2014 class do you speak with the most?  Do you try to recruit anyone to go play with you in college?  

I don’t really speak to any other recruits in the 2014 class.  I don’t recruit anyone else to play with me in college.

Are any current Buckeye recruits speaking to you about Ohio State?  

No, I don’t talk to any Buckeye recruits about Ohio State.

Have you gotten a chance to watch the Buckeyes yet this year?  Which players do you like watching the best?  

Yeah, I’ve gotten the chance to watch them.  I really like Braxton Miller and his explosiveness and play-making.

What Ohio State games do you plan on attending this year?  What other big games do you plan on attending?

It’s really hard to get to Ohio State for a game because I have practice on Saturday mornings.  If I visit, I’d visit after the season is over.  I don’t have any big visits that I know of right now.


 Role Models: My Dad, Mom, Cousin, and Brother

North Carolina’s Best Thing to Eat: North Carolina Barbeque

Best Subject in School: History

Hobbies: Hanging with my friends and family

Movies: Friday Night Lights

TV Shows: Martin

Favorite Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys

Thanks to Derrell for a great interview and taking the time to give Buckeye nation a chance to get to know you.  Good luck on the recruiting process and the rest of your season!


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