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Welcome to another edition of Midweek News & Notes. I apologize for this being a day late, and not actually getting posted in the middle of the week, but it has been crazy week for the TSB team.

Better late than never...right?
Right. Let's get to what's grabbing the headlines.

Injury Updates: Yesterday, via Urban Meyer we got several updates on where things stand for Buckeye players. Obviously, the most important was on Braxton Miller. According to Meyer, it appears that everything looks good.

"No. 5 is doing good. 'Full-speed practices really yesterday and today. Sore neck, but today's much better. He lifted (weights) and he's good to go.'"

Miller also confirmed that "he is good," and made it clear that the injury looked more severe because he had never handled anything like this. Understandably, he was a little freaked out. Here are his comments yesterday:

“That was my first time where something happened like that where I landed on my shoulder, head and neck,” Miller said. “I didn’t know what it was. I was nervous at first.”

The other big injury news surrounded Jordan Hall, who had suffered a PCL tear against Michigan State after missing the beginning of the season with a foot injury. The news was not near as positive as Miller's news was either. Meyer admitted that Hall had "re-dinged" his knee and that he is not even practicing at this point. Of course, the questions shifted to the possibilities of a medical redshirt for Hall, and according the Meyer that could happen. 

“Yeah I think it is,” Meyer said. “I think it is now.”

You have to feel for Hall, who looked primed for a huge senior season in an offense that suited his game for the first time in his career. It's hard to imagine him not getting a redshirt granted, but nothing is a guarantee with the fickle folks at the NCAA.

As for the Buckeyes, thanks to Hyde and Smith stepping up, it would appear things are fine at the moment at tailback. Still, this means there will only be three tailbacks for the rest of the season, so any more injuries will make things thin.

Mauti Sounds Off: Looking ahead to this week, the Buckeyes going into a hostile environment against arguably the hottest team in the B1G at the moment in the Nittany Lions. Unfortunately, the matchup is meaningless to much of the country as both teams are unable to play in the postseason thanks to sanctions, dubbing this game the "ineligibowl" for the media. It is funny to hear one media member after another use the phrase as if they created it, while in fact, it is getting beat to death.

Speaking of sanction, Penn State linebacker Mike Mauti made it clear that he thinks the two teams are in different situations in terms of the penalties. Here's what he said:

"We're kind of in the same boat, but [Ohio State's] boat is a little bit different than ours. We [the Penn State players] didn't do anything to get our sanctions. Ours are unrelated [to football]. At the same time, we both can't go to a bowl game. Other than that, we didn't do anything to help our football team."

He went on to say this...

"We didn't do anything to help our program cheat. I'm not saying they're cheaters. We have a lot of respect for Ohio State."

While Mauti did back-track a bit from his first comment, he definitely ran his mouth about the unfairness of their situation. Obviously we all know that the 2012 Buckeyes didn't do anything for these penalties either, and Mauti's comments are really pretty weak. Still, he's a leader for the Nittany Lions that has rallied his team and fanbase with an "us verses the world" mentality. I guess he has to continue that thinking.

More Dumb Comments: Continuing the theme is ill-advised comments, let's take a quick look at the recent article from David Jones of The Patriot-News on PennLive.com. In a piece he published yesterday, Jones questions whether or not the Buckeyes have playmakers outside of Braxton Miller. Okay, actually he doesn't question anything, he actually makes it clear OSU doesn't. He states his case:

"A combination of residue from the Tressel sanctions, flunk-outs and simple lack of development has left the Buckeyes with, other than Miller, weaponry that looks more like it belongs on a Minnesota roster than an Ohio State one."

He goes on...

"There is not a complete back on the team. By this time, the feature back probably should have been physical Miami product Jaamal Berry, but he was a constant discipline problem and eventually was tossed off the team."

And finally...

"And the wideouts are as pedestrian a group as can be recalled at OSU since the Earle Bruce years. Devin Smith makes spectacular catches such as the 1-hander against Miami (Ohio) then drops too many easy ones. The most dependable is Philadelphia native Corey “Philly” Brown."

We all know that this is far from the most talented team the Buckeyes have fielded in recent years, but come on. While Braxton is the heart and soul of this team and the offense depends on him in a big way, the Buckeyes still field a team that is as athletic and highly recruited as anyone in the conference. The fact that he mentions Jaamal Berry really shows his lack of education or study into what has happened at OSU the last couple of years.

David - if you are going to pick on anyone being "pedestrian" start looking at the defense.

Simulating Saturday: Speaking of this Saturday, WhatifSports is a fun place to go check out on occasion, as they simulate weekly sports scores. I always check out what the have to say about the Buckeyes. This week they have the Buckeyes winning 63.4 percent of the time with an average score of 23.7-19.2. Here are the details of their simulation below:
No More Big 33: Sadly, the Big 33 game is done. Well, at least for the state of Ohio. Here's the news:

Ohio is out and Maryland is in. That scenario is nothing new when it comes to football.

After 20 years of Ohio all-star high school football players squaring off against the best Pennsylvania has to offer, the Keystone State organizers of the annual Big 33 Football Classic have decided to give the Buckeye State the boot. Maryland will replace Ohio when the game is played in Hershey, Pa., on June 15, 2013 after it signed a five-year contract.

The news apparently surprised Ohio officials, which were sadded the longest running all-star contest in the country is coming to an end. There's not been a lot of answers while the change has been made, but after losing the last four years, maybe Pennsylvania wants some wins.


10/25/2012 16:58

"We [the Penn State players] didn't do anything to get our sanctions. Ours are unrelated [to football]."

All the more reason to be ashamed of your program. You know, because '$ for tats' = child rape in PSU minds. Asshole.


If there's one things we could make adjustments and fix it, it's more than one thing right now.

01/19/2013 03:15

The big disappointment is the defense. I agree with Ken that the coaching staff has to take some of the responsibility.

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Thanks for this post. I think Midweek news and notes have taken great effort to bring relevant information regarding sports. Thanks for updating the score sheet. I have always looked to Midweek for the latest news and updates on sports.


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