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A couple of weeks ago, the Ohio State Buckeyes offered 2014 4-star OL Marcelys Jones out of Glenville High School (Glenville, OH).  This first scholarship offer for Marcelys was a big one as he’s grown up always following the Buckeyes.  The 6-5 325-pound offensive lineman is coming off a visit to Ohio State, and was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions for TSB. 

How’s your season gone so far at Glenville?  Specifically, how do you feel about your play?

The season’s been good so far.  As a team, we can always improve.  I am also always looking to improve my play and believe there’s always room for improvement.  But our season has been good overall.

Congrats on your OSU offer.  What coach on OSU’s staff do you speak with the most, and how often do you two communicate?

I speak with Coach Drayton the most.  I speak with him about once a week.  Also, I speak with Coach Pantoni about once a week as well.  We mostly talk about school, my interests, and my grades.  It’s nothing too major or in-depth.

What do you like particularly about Ohio State?

I really like the environment and all of the coaches.  I like how Coach Meyer and his staff interact with the players and how they’re always trying to help you improve.

What other schools are showing interest, and what other scholarship offers do you have?  Aside from OSU’s coaching staff, what coaching staff do you speak with the most?

Well, I was just offered by Indiana.  That happened about a week ago.  Some schools that are showing interest are Georgia, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Michigan, USC, Florida, Ohio State of course, Arizona State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, and LSU.  That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.  Other than Ohio State’s staff, I probably talk to Glenville’s staff the most [laughter].

Which part of your game do you want to improve the most?  What would you say is your biggest strength?

I’d say my biggest strength is my run blocking.  I could use some help on my pass blocking.  I’m good at pass blocking, but I’d like to touch it up.

How was your Ohio State visit? 

Good.  I really enjoyed it.


Hobbies: Basketball, shopping

Favorite Foods: Pizza

TV Shows: Fresh Prince, Sportscenter, Martin, Family Guy

Favorite Sports Teams: New England Patriots, New York Yankees, and Lebron.  I’ll cheer for wherever Lebron goes.

Thanks to Marcelys for a great interview and good luck the rest of this season!



05/21/2013 02:10

I’m good at pass blocking, but I’d like to touch it up.


The scholarship given to the Marcelys Jones is an encouragement for him to play better and this should be a big relief for him to get the first scholarship. Thanks for passing this info to the readers and it was a good read.


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